Aussie Hollow

Jennifer Haley Mills Atmore, AL
Phone 251-294-3542

Aussie Hollow is a small hobby breeder of toy aussies located in southern Alabama, where puppy kisses are plentiful (and pillow hogs)!  ASDR registered and pawprint tested.

Dream Ranch Mini Aussies

Debbie S. Ludlam Eufaula, AL
Phone 334-695-2707
Organization Dream Ranch Mini Aussies

Dream Ranch is a small ranch located in Southeast Alabama.  We strive to raise Australian Shepherds that are healthy and well socialized with exposures to farm life and kids.  Our children and grandchildren love to help us play with the puppies.  We have horses, chickens, goats, cats and our puppies are exposed to it all.  The puppies are raised in our home with daily interaction and once they are 4 weeks old they are taken outside daily to meet our hobby farm residents and hear all of the wonderful sounds that accompany it.  We also use Puppy Culture to help prepare well adjusted puppies.  Our Australian Shepherds are all ASDR registered and health tested through PawPrint or Canine Health Check.  Our adults are Miniature Australian Shepherds.  We purchased our first Toy Australian Shepherd puppy in February 2021 and expect her to be 12'-13" at the shoulder.  We anticipate our first toy litter mid to late 2022.  We love our babies and try to help them become a great addition to the right family.  Our hope is that every puppy will be loved as much in their new home as they are with us.  Visit our Facebook Page - Dream Ranch Mini Aussies.

Dugger Mountain Mini and Toy A

Jennifer Young Piedmont, AL
Phones 256-454-1224 / 256-591-6796
Organization Dugger Mountain Mini and Toy Aussies

Hidden Springs Farm

Ashlea Chance Baileyton, AL

Our small scale breeding program focuses on producing healthy, well socialized puppies with great temperament. All of our pets and puppies are raised indoors as part of our family and loved on daily by four little boys.

Willow Oak Aussies

Nelson & Lora Poore Higdon, AL
Phone 256-605-7762
Organization Willow Oak Aussies

Welcome to Willow Oak Aussies! We are an Australian Shepherd breeder with huge dreams for the future. Farm raised quality purebred Australian Shepherds. Our dogs are raised to be companions or working dogs and the best family pet you will ever find. Our Aussies are loving, athletic, and smart with great personalities. Our Aussies are some of the most loyal friends that you will ever meet! We have chosen our dogs carefully from fully genetic health tested parentage. We believe in regular health screening and professional vet care for our dogs. Raising Aussies is a family affair that we cherish and do together!

Harris Farms Aussies

Rhonda Harris Smithville, AR
Phone 870-926-8691

Harris Farms Aussies is located in NE Arkansas.  Our dogs are part of our everyday farm life.  Our dogs are medium size standards and are beautiful, healthy, smart and loved.  They spend a lot of time with our grandkid's so they are double spoiled.  We are not a kennel and we would love to help you find your new family member.  We will work with you on getting your new best friend to you if you are not local.

J&B Mini Aussies

Jamy Staggs Redfield, AR
Phone 501-326-7075
Organization J&B Mini Aussies

J&B is located in central Arkansas on a beautiful 20 acre farm. All of our puppies are family raised, we are not a kennel. They are very socialized, my husband and 3 kids ages 6,12,and 14 interact with the pups daily. All of our adults are genetically tested, and several are Championed. Our goal is to provide you beautiful healthy, good-tempered puppies that conforms to breed standards.

Old River Aussies

Haley Thomas Newark, AR
Phone 870-291-1987
Organization Old River Aussies

Old River Aussie's
Old River Aussie's offers a variety of beautiful puppies perfect for the individual or family unit. Born and raised on Old River Ranch these puppies are introduced to many other critters and kids! Socialization is our specialty! Haley Thomas (a Labor and Delivery Nurse by trade) and James Thomas (Retired Law Enforcement) work tirelessly with their four children to ensure these puppies are happy and healthy with the best quality of life! Old River Aussie's offer purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd, Purebred Standard Australian Shepherd, and Aussiedoodle! Check them out on facebook: "Old River Aussie's" 
Phone: 870.291.1987 Call or text
Location: Newark, AR 

RAM Aussies Plus

Ruth Martin Green Forest, AR
Phone 870-654-3113

New to breeding, but not to the ways and temperment of Australian Sheppards.



Amanda Leland Mansfield, AR
Phone 501-472-7908
Organization Renegade

Renegade Mini Aussies strives to produce the best quality Mini and Toy Aussies that have it all- temperament, conformation, beauty, and brains.  Our dogs are health tested to ensure that your puppy is healthy genetically for a lifetime of love.  Many of our adults are championed, or in progress, to ensure that your puppy comes from parents that conform to the breed standard so you know your puppy will LOOK like an Aussie should!  Our ideal size range is 13-15" but we do have some larger and a few smaller to give us a wider range of sizes and options as we plan out our long term program direction.  Our puppies are raised here on our farm in West Arkansas near the Oklahoma border and are held and loved on by my 3 children, ages 3, 6, and 11 years old.  They get to play outside and meet our KuneKune Pigs, goats, rabbits, barn cats, chickens and whatever other animals we may have at the time.  We work towards very social and well rounded babies!  We work very closely with our vet, who is a dear friend that also has Mini Aussies and competes in Nationals level agility.  We run the Mini Australian Shepherds : My MAS Family facebook group and enjoy the drama free atmosphere of daily puppy photos, educational topics, and all around Aussie Awesomeness! You can see for yourself here -->  We are always available for questions and advice, even if you don't end up with a puppy from us.  It's just our duty to the breed to help educate those who might not have access to a mentor.  Visit us online at or on our Facebook Page at and see for yourself why Renegade Puppies are the BEST!

Stonehill Aussies

Wendy & Jeff Holland Charleston, AR
Phone 870-307-8615

We purchased our first Mini Aussie, Maggie, in order to provide our disabled son a therapy dog as he got older. We were immediately impressed with her intelligence and ease at which she seemed to learn things. We deemed her “The smartest dog we’ve ever owned!” From this grew the desire to raise Mini Aussies so that other families could experience what amazing animals they are! Highly intelligent, easy to train, versatile, protective, and always loyal, what more could you want in a dog?!! We are not a puppy mill, we are just a family who LOVES Aussies! Our dogs are well socialized with all age groups. Whether it’s sitting at our feet, splashing in the pond, catching frisbees or working on agility training and herding, our dogs are well loved! All of our adults are ASDR registered, have genetic testing completed, and receive regular veterinary care. As pet owners and lovers of Aussies we want our puppies to go to families who are ready for the long term commitment. We want them to become part of your family! They are likely to become one of your favorite family members! 


Lana & Steve Bowers Taylor, AZ
Phone 928-243-1854
Organization HALFPINT'S

Breeding Quality ASDR Registered TOY and MINI AUSSIES with the full size Aussie Traits, Intelligence, Athletic Ability, Herding Instinct and Much More.  Breeder of Champion Bloodlines, Genetic testing with Paw Print Genetics is preformed on all breeding stock to help keep the breed as healthy and disease free as possible.
Also offering stud services to approved females.
DNA approved kennel.

Heritage Homestead

Heather Johnson Sierra Vista, AZ
Phone 307-220-3081
Organization Heritage Homestead

Quality breeder of Australian Shepherds in ASDR Toy & Mini size. Health tested and certified by Champion pedigreed. I breed for health, temperament, and type. Puppies raised in home with socialization to cats, children, dogs, poultry, goats, & horses. I have been breeding Aussies since 2015.

Always Aussies

Amber Tanner Chatsworth, CA
Phone 818-599-0530
Organization Always Aussies

Always Aussies is small quality hobby breeder with the goal of providing you with a beautiful, happy, healthy, good-natured companion.  Our family includes both Standard and Toy Australian Shepherds which have been genetically tested. Our beautiful puppies are well socialized, loved on and handled daily by our grandchildren.  These athletic puppies are raised around our horses, chickens, cats and our lamb, Lillo.  Our intelligent puppies come litter box trained and with a pet microchip.  Phone calls and texts are welcome.

Brower's Toy Aussie

Louanna Brower Cottonwood, CA
Phone 530-347-0711
Organization Brower's Toy Aussie

Welcome to my Toy Aussie family! I am a small, stay at home, hobby breeder located in Cottonwood, CA. I want to share my love for this breed. They are beautiful, intelligent, and such loving little wiggle butts! They are raised in my home and love to play outside with my other dogs and my grandchildren. Please feel free to visit my Instagram Page at brower_toy_aussies and/or Brower's Toy Aussies on Facebook. 

Rebel Skyline Aussies

Bailey Ross / Kelly Ross Herald, CA
Phone 9162572278

Standard Australian Shepherd Breeders. We love this energetic and athletic breed. Our dogs are raised with love and affection on our 6 acre country property in northern CA near Sacramento.  Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, intelligent, loving and healthy companion. Please feel free to email us for more information.

Wild Raven

Alan & Mary Jenkins Bakersfield, CA

Our mini and toy Aussies are bred foremost for intelligence and temperament, and then for working abilities. Our mini Aussies enthusiastically help out around our farm with our mini goats and poultry, and we strive to breed puppies that will become great family dogs.

Puppies at Wild Raven Farm are well-socialized, accustomed to travel, and exposed to a wide range of environments. Crate training is begun before they are sent to their new home.

Genetic testing is performed on our breeding dogs. The PennHIP test for hip dysplasia risk is also done, which is believed to be a better predictor for risk than the more common (and lower cost) OFA test.

If you can't send us an email, go to and use the contact form to send us your phone number. We will be glad to respond to any queries about our puppies or the Aussie breed in general.

DH Aussies

Meghan Hoffart Williams Lake, BC, CAN
Phone 2503051101
Organization DH Aussies

We are a family run kennel located in the heart of the Cariboo Region of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Our dogs are our family, and our litters are raised right in our living room.  Pups are very well socialized to all the noises of a busy household, our 3 young kids make sure of that!  We follow the puppy culture program and strive to produce dogs that are sound in mind, body and spirit.  By the time they leave us they have been exposed to a number of different stimuli and situations that helps to ease the transition out into the big world.  Parents are DNA health tested, and pups come with a 1 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

Heeling NRG

Shari Joanisse Cornwall, Ontario, CAN
Phone 613-933-5348

At Heeling NRG our dogs are family first, show and breeding dogs second; our dogs are couch dogs, bed dogs, and work dogs spending many evenings at our feet in the office and providing therapeutic visits to both young and old. HeelingNRG Aussies prides itself on sound temperaments for both pet and active companion homes. We strive for dogs of sound mind and body, and we carefully select pedigrees to help with our success. Our breeding dogs are fully health tested, including OFA Hips, Elbows, CAER Eyes, and a breed-specific genetic panel from PawPrint Genetics. All puppies are raised in our home, being exposed to all the chaos that is normal life. We utilize Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture protocols, promoting outgoing, enrichment seeking puppies eager to engage with their people and their environment. We start crate training, house training, and clicker training with all our puppies, making for easier transitions to their new homes. We raise our dogs holistically; puppies are weaned onto raw foods, and have had first vaccines no earlier than eight weeks of age, providing for the best possible start to nutrition and life-long health and wellness. We are active showing in conformation and performance scent detection, and have puppies training in agility, disc, dock-diving, tracking, therapy and service dog work, and puppies who are in working homes herding for a living. We want to help you find the next dog of your dreams! 

Millys Ridge

Twila & Vaughn Collyer Millarville, Alberta, CAN
Phones 403-931-0316 / 403-660-6349
Organization Millys Ridge

 We are a small hobby breeder of Miniature Australian Shepherds. Located south and west of Calgary, Alberta right on the edge of the Kananaskis. We are striving to breed the best all round Aussies for families. Our focus is on health and temperament. Our girl "Topaz" is full Aussie panel clear and is our family dog. All pups will be raised using the Puppy Culture method.

Rafter Bar Mini Aussies

Trista Reimer Vanderhoof, BC, CAN
Phone 250-944-0063
Organization Rafter Bar Mini Aussies

Rafter Bar Mini Aussies is located in central British Columbia. It is our pleasure to be able to raise our Aussies on our ranch where they are a great part of our everyday life!  Checking cattle or horses, going for a swim, or just hanging out around the yard are some of the many things they enjoy.  Our mini Australian Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, making them easy to guide and train! As a breeder, we are striving for great conformation and athletic ability. Our dogs are a part of our family. We do our best to raise healthy, happy pups that are well socialized. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook at Rafter Bar Quarter Horses and Mini Aussies. 

(Trista Reimer & Kevin Isaac)

Red Drifts

Meghan & Peter Kha Chilliwack, B.C., CAN
Phone 604-652-4170

We are a loving home based kennel for Miniature Australian Shepherds. At Red Drift Kennel our studs are genetically tested for ancestral diseases by Paw Print Genetics and will produce healthy gorgeous pups. Pairings will include stud contracts and ancestral history. We currently only home studs and will in the future grow to provide healthy happy nurseries for mother’s and pups.

True North Aussies

Kathy Crosina Quesnel, BC, CAN
Phone 250-991-0106
Organization True North Aussies

At True North Aussies my dogs are part of the family.  We play hard and we work harder.  We have earned Nose Work Titles, Rally Titles, and Trick Titles.  We play in Agility and Rally Free , Musical Free style.  We are working towards our obedience CD at CKC.  All dogs are DNA health tested with full panels at Paw Print Genetics and also tested  at Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks so they are matched with new owners.

Antelope Hill Aussies

Gerald & Diana Hilterbrand Austin, CO
Phone 970-835-3826
Organization Antelope Hill Aussies

Antelope Hill Aussies is a small family-run kennel that raises Miniature Australian Shepherds with love in a family environment.  We are located in western Colorado, about 45 minutes south of Grand Junction, Colorado. We have about an acre of land, with a big fenced yard and large outdoor kennels

Aussie Tales of Southern Colorado

Wanetta (Nita) Hughes Bise Pagaso Springs, CO
Phone 719-510-8034
Organization Aussie Tales of Southern Colorado

We are a small home business raising and breeding Purebred Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds.  Our doggies are our family and each puppy born is part of our family until they go to their forever homes.


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