BioPet recently made some updates and created a new website.  The new format made it difficult for us to offer one log in for multiple users.  Unfortunately, we have decided it will not work for us to continue as we were.   We do still honor the DNA results from BioPet for our Verified Kennels.  Below is a short message from them on how you can create your own personal account and choose the plan that best fits you.   


From BioPet:

To sign up for your own personal account on, you will simply need to go to the website, click ‘Pricing’, and pick either the $50 Breeder Plan (cheapest way to DNA 4-7 dogs yearly) or the $100 Plan (cheapest way to DNA 8+ dogs a year). Hit the ‘Sign Me Up!’ prompt at the bottom of either of these plans and from there,  you can create your account and subscribe to whichever plan works best for you. If you have any trouble with signing up, please  contact BioPet at the address below.



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