What are your business hours? We are open Monday – Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Time.  We are closed for all federal holidays.                                   2022 FEDERAL HOLIDAYS:

Martin Luther King Jr Day: Monday, January 17

President’s Day: Monday, February 21

Memorial Day: Monday, May 30

Juneteenth:  Monday, June 20

Independence Day: Monday, July 4

Labor Day: Monday, September 5

Columbus Day: Monday, October 10

Veterans’ Day:  Thursday Nov. 10

Thanksgiving: November 23-25)

Christmas holiday—December 22, 2022-Jan 2, 2023

How do I pay for my registration? When mailing a form, you can include check, money order or cash.  The forms also have a space for credit/debit card info.  In addition, you could send a PayPal payment to admin@americanstockdog.org, then write your Transaction ID on your form.

What is your mailing address? American Stock Dog Registry, P.O. Box 7510, Columbia, MO 65205

I cannot find my puppy to register online.  Please verify the puppy #, date of birth and date issued. You will need to use all the dashes in the puppy number.  The issue date is the date under the DOB on the form.

I just set up my online account, but I cannot get into it.   Please make sure you verified your account through your email.  If you did not receive the verification email, check junk or spam.

I want to change the size on my dog. You will need to return your certificate to us, along with a statement from the vet stating their height at the withers and we will update the size.

I want to change my dog’s name. You will need to return your certificate to us, along with the requested name change and a $10.00 reprint fee and we will update the name. (Please note that if your dog has produced any litters the name cannot be changed.  In addition, if your dog is dual registered, the name will be as it is on the other registry’s certificate.)

In order to change registration status (from full to Limited) on a dog, you must be the current owner of the dog. If the dog is co-owned ASDR must receive approval from ALL owners of the dog. Approval verification can be received via phone call or email. Breeders have 7 days from when ASDR receives dog application for registration forms to correct registration status, after that point registration status cannot be updated from anyone but the current owner. Owners selling dogs must mark the change on the transfer when transferring a dog to a new owner if they do not want full registration given. Once limited registration has been given, only the breeder of that dog can reverse the registration to full. PLEASE READ--IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT ADMIN@AMERICANSTOCKDOG.ORG THIS IS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.


I registered my litter online but put the date of birth or number of puppies incorrectly.  Send an email to litters@americanstockdog.org and we will make the correction.

Why isn’t my litter approved yet? It could be either we have not received verification from sire owner, or it is not paid for.  These emails are checked first thing every morning, so sometimes it's the next day before it's approved, please allow us time.  

My dog is registered with another registry, how do I register with you? Go to our website and print out a Dual Registration form. Fill that out and mail it in with a $40.00 fee and a copy of your current registration information or you can complete the on-line Dual Registration form. (You do not have to register with the other registry first, we can accept the signed application)

We register Miniature American Shepherds into our registry through Dual Registration, but there are rules. They will be registered as Miniature Australian Shepherds, as we will not be adding Miniature American name to the database. This decision has involved a lot of thought, and we have come to the conclusion that this is more like the Paint/Quarter/Pinto horse registries—one horse can have 3 registries in 3 different organization. For now, they must at least have Grandparents that were registered with ASDR, and will be considered a Dual Registration. If their parents have ASDR papers, they will be considered an IDR (Individual dog registration). Any dog that has ASDR papers and was taken AKC as Mini American will not have to do anything, their papers will still be honored. Remember we will be measuring at the shows, so if your dog is over 18 inches it will be a Standard Aussie and if under 14 inches or under it will be a Toy.  If we are dual registering an AKC Aussie, they will be registered as a standard with us unless measurement statement from vet is included.  

I have a puppy that the parents are registered with two separate registries, how do I register with you? Go to our website and print out an Individual Dog Registration form. Mail that in with the $40.00 fee and a photocopy of each parents’ registrations.

I have a puppy that one parent is registered and the other is not, how do I register with you?  .  The only form of registry available for this dog is a Hardshp registration, but no registration may be shown if only one parent is registered.  

I have a puppy I got from the farmer down the road and he has never registered his dogs. How can I register my purebred Australian Shepherd?  Go to our website and print out a Hardship Application. Fill that out and mail it in with a $200.00 fee, a statement from your vet stating they believe it to be a purebred dog, and 3 photos of the dog. One of the front and one of each side.

I got a dog from someone that said both parents are registered with you but they never registered the litter. Go to our website and print out  the Individual Dog Registration form. Mail that in with the $40.00 fee and a photocopy of each parents’ registrations.

How do I register my kennel name with you? There is a Kennel Registration form on the website. It is $50.00 for a lifetime registration.

How do I get on your breeder’s page? Print out the Kennel Registration form from our website, fill out the top and bottom. It is $125.00 for a lifetime kennel registration and 3 years on the breeder’s page. Once we receive your application in the mail, we will email you for a blurb about your kennel and one photo. Renew is $25.00 per year.

I placed an order put I could not pay through your website; how can I pay? You can send PayPal to admin@americanstockdog.org, then send an email to admin@americanstockdog.org you’re your ASDR Order # and your PayPal Transaction ID.

How do I register a dog with you that is currently registered with another registry?  Under the registration form tab, we have a printable form for Dual Registration, you can mail and print that or you can submit it by email. We also have an electronic option under the same tab.  You do need to include a copy of your current certificate showing you as owner of the dog. The price for a dual registry is $40.00.

What other registries do you accept?   We accept dual registrations from AKC, ASCA, ACA, MASCA, NSDR, UKC, NKC and APRI.  We also accept CKC and NAPR registrations WITH pedigree for dual registration, however if they are CKC or NAPR hardship registered dogs (foundation stock/unknown for parents) we will consider it a hardship registration and charge accordingly. 

What breeds do you register? We currently register Standard, Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, as well as Border Collies, Miniature and Australian Cattle Dogs, Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Scottish Collies, German Shepherds and White Shepherds.

The breeder has written their kennel name in the beginning of the “requested name” section of the application.  Do I have to use this? If the breeder has their kennel name registered with ASDR, yes you have to leave the name.

What does it mean when my certificate says ‘limited’? That means you cannot register any litters or offspring of any type to you dog. If you feel this in error, please contact the breeder.

Can my registrations be submitted online? Yes, you can register a dog from a litter application; however, you will need to create an account with us first.  You can also register litters from your online account.

Can I send my registration by UPS? We do not have a physical address that UPS can deliver to, please do not use UPS.

If I have a dual sired litter how do I register the litter? A dual sired litter cannot be registered online.  To register a dual sired litter, you must submit two registration forms to us along with the DNA testing for each sire.  We only charge one litter fee for this.  

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