Angel Loves Aussies

Rebecca Marsh Lexington, SC
Phone 8039773916
Organization Angel Loves Aussies

Small Family operated Kennel in Lexington Sc. Our pups our affectionately loved and spoiled from day one. We lovingly prepare our new pups for the transition to their new homes with training prior to their leaving us to help with the adjustment to their new environment. We communicate well with our current and future families and are available to them during the transition and in the future if needed. Our pups will be provided with a 1 year guaranteed health check and all shots records up to date upon transition. Transport services are available upon request for an additional fee. We look forward to you joining our growing family of Angel loves Aussies a group dedicated to my late sister Barbie may her wings soar with love.

Azure Australian Shepherds and Miniature American Shepherds

Caitlin Wynn Williston, SC
Phone 9125413947
Organization Azure Australian Shepherds and Minatare American Shepherds

Azure Australian Shepherds and Minatare American Shepherds is located in South Carolina. We strive to raise Standard and Miniature American Shepherds for their temperament, structure, movement, and health. All of our Dams and Sire have been genetically health tested. We have AKC and ASDR dogs. All puppies are exposed to puppy culture once they have reached 4 weeks old. All puppies are raised in our home as a member of the pack. We ensure that every puppy goes to a great home and live their best lives. Visit our Facebook page Azure Australian Shepherds and Minatare American Shepherds.

HMA Heavenly Mini Aussies

Patricia Pashong Gray Court, SC
Phone 760-420-2778
Organization HMA Heavely Mini Aussies

Howdy! Welcome to the HMA Heavenly Mini Aussie LLC Family. There is a personal story behind HMA and the Aussie Breed. I took my own experiences and what I've witnessed over the years with the Breed and incorporated a dream into a reality for many. Striving for perfection as far as clean genetics, temperament, movement, ability, health, Coat, downsizing as far as height without sacrificing the bone of the dog. Not limiting the breed to just herding but proving to the world they are the most versatile breed alive and just how Blessed we are to own one, especially when owners follow a few simple steps and rules. How incredibly loyal and obedient they are. The unconditional love they bring to a family who may not even realized they were so in need of it. They own my soul and rightfully so. I have seen them do some unexplained things that only the Lord knows. Our dogs are our family. Worked long and hard selecting bloodlines to produce full panel clear Quality all around Aussies. We look forward to adding anyone to the HMA Family that like us, lives through Faith/Positive Energy and looking to add a forever loving companion to their life. Wether it be for pet, competition, working, companion, performance, therapy, ranch, farm, service, etc. we will strive to find you your perfect postcard sent from Heaven.

Quarter Creek Stock Dogs

Tony Lowrimore Woodruff, SC
Phone 8644148818
Organization Quarter Creek Stock Dogs

Here at Quarter Creek Ranch we are dedicated to sharing our toy and mini Aussies that are just a little piece of heaven here on Earth. We believe these tinylittle gems pack a huge blessing to families especially during these recent years that have been pretty difficult. Our dogs are home raised and members of our family where they live in our home and participate in farm life partnering with us doing all the chores. We have a working ranch with horses, cattle, goats, miniature horses, and cats as best friends. These little guys are super smart, loyal, and obedient and have just enough energy to get the job done without slipping into overdrive. Best of all, we believe that the the thing that makes our dogs shine is their ability to adjust to circumstances so that they are happy and content snuggling on the couch when things are quiet and ready to go when it’s time to play. Being so small, flexible, and loving, our dogs have thrived in homes in the city where they enjoy getting out for walks, to frolicking with small children in the backyards of subdivisions, to competing in competitions, and all the way up to doing some ranch work. Our pups are out of national and international champion dogs who are proven to be conformationally correct, genetically screened, and they been provided all of their needed veterinary care prior to moving onto their new homes. Puppies are raised in our family room and receive socialization and early training to give them a head start in their new home. Visit our Facebook page at to meet our family and friends on the ranch.

Sweet N Sassy Aussie

Lynne & Beth Johnson-Milikin Simpsonville, SC
Phone (813) 463-6708
Organization Sweet N Sassy Aussie

Female Tri Dam 25 lbsMale Blue Merle Sir 28lbsWe have our dogs raised in our home around kids and other pets will be fully vaccinated when ready to leave. The puppies are acclimated to the outdoors.

Black Hills Aussies

Stephanie Tiefenthaler Spearfish, SD
Phone 9288001578
Organization Black Hills Aussies

Hello from Black Hills Aussies!We take pride in breeding great quality dogs. Both parents have been OFA tested and cleared!Our puppies are red factored and well socialized! All puppies are raised inside our home the entire start to their lives before they move to their forever homes! We really believe that our dogs are family and so are their babies so we strive to give them the best start to life we possibly can!We are located in Spearfish SDWe do have transportation available and will drive to deliver! If you have any questions please contact me!

Sumner Ranch Aussies

Lisa & Cody Sumner Twin Brooks, SD
Phone 6055206912
Organization Sumner Ranch Aussies

Mini Aussies that we fell in love with so decided to do a small amount of breeding.  Well minded dogs that are doing great in showing at the 4H level.

Blue Buckaroo Mini Aussies

Nicole Smith Lawrenceburg, TN
Phone 615-440-3017
Organization Blue Buckaroo Aussies

Aussies are our passion and love. Our goal is to breed amazing companions of superior quality, temperament, and health. We have been diligently crafting our program for the past 15 years and have health tested proven lines with outstanding temperaments.Every litter born at Blue Buckaroo Aussies is home-raised and loved. We are diligent in our socialization process with each puppy. Puppies are raised around children and the hustle and bustle of our everyday family life.We expose each litter to numerous loud and unusual noises, different textures, obstacles and play gym toys on a daily basis. Our puppies go home with a puppy packet, health record and written health guarantee along with lifetime support and a warm welcome into the Blue Buckaroo Family.

Blue J n L Farm

Justin & Lydia Goodrum Medon, TN
Phone 7316094081
Organization Blue J n L Farm

Hi, I'm Justin GoodrumI'm the breeder behind Blue J n L Farm located in Medon, TN. I am a home-based breeder striving for quality, health, and to ensure the future of the mini Aussie for generations to come. My goal is to produce a great representation of the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd. I always strive to leverage the science of genetic testing to breed out the undesirable genetic traits associated with this breed and to continue improving the line with each generation.

Bountiful Blessings Farm Mini Aussies

Kelli Dysinger Williamsport, TN
Phone 424-774-4647
Organization Bountiful Blessings Farm Mini Aussies

We are a small family farm nestled in the hills of middle Tennessee. Our mini Aussies are raised working and playing alongside our family as our constant companions. We breed, handle, and interact with our dogs in an intentional way as to specifically pass on their gentle and affectionate temperament traits. We are not a kennel, and our dogs have free reign of the woods, fields and creeks of our 150 acre farm. They are exposed to sheep, chickens, and other farm animals. We choose to leave our dogs as they were created, without removing dewclaws and tails unless medically necessary. We also choose to limit any unnecessary toxins put in their system though vaccinations and medications (those may be begun at 8 week as puppy parent’s desire)We’ll do our best to match you with your new best friend wether you are local or across the country.🥰

Esther's Top Shelf Aussies

Esther Minton Maryville, TN
Phone 937-232-0240

Hello, We are a small hobby breeder of Toy & miniature Australian Shepherds.  We
strive to produce breed standard, good temperament, friendly, loving socialized well
rounded Aussies.  All of our Aussies have been Genetic tested by Paw Print Genetics
(results are available upon request)  Our Aussies are shown ASDR & IABEC &  compete
in rally obedience, agility, herding instinct, nose work, & therapy certification. 
Our Aussies are raised in our home & sleep with us or are in a crate in our
bedrooms.  Mothers whelp  puppies on our bed & are raised in our home  & are
socialized with humans & our other pets everyday as well as being held & played with
from the time they are born.  Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee on
genetics.   We welcome visitors by appointment only.


Kate Duke Huntsville, TX
Phone 936-581-9571
Organization 7UL

Welcome to 7UL Aussies. We are located in East Texas and we breed Miniature Australian Shepherds. All of our Aussies are a part of our family. We are not a kennel. Our Aussies and their babies are raised in our home alongside our 2 kids.
We strive to raise beautiful and healthy dogs to add to your family. We start early neurological training to ensure our puppies are well socialized so it is easier for them to make the transition into any family. All of our adults are genetic health tested through Paw Print Genetics and come with a health guarantee.

A & W Aussies

Wendy Wood San Antonio, TX
Phone (210) 803-4458
Organization A & W Aussies

A&W Aussies was established after Scout, our Aussie Ambassador, came in to our lives and introduced such joy and love that we decided we had to share this intelligent and loving breed with others.  Our dogs and puppies live side by side with us in our home.  Raising well socialized, healthy, happy puppies to enrich your life and complete your family is our primary goal.  We focus on toy and mini Australian Shepherds.  All parents are genetically tested and all puppies are well handled and highly socialized.  Our dogs are registered with ASDR and we strive to raise pups that can excel on the ranch, in the show ring or just provide you the loving companionship you desire.

A6 Australian Shepherds

Ashlee Weldon Perrin, TX
Phone 660-956-2966
Organization A6 Australian Shepherds

We produce pups that thrive in any environment! They're bred for health, temperament, conformation, athleticism & intelligence. Each puppy is greatly loved by us! We ensure they are socialized, healthy, and prepared to excel in their forever homes. Our dogs are bred for those specifics, and we take pride in our breeding program. Our babies have 3 year health contract and guarantee. When our babies leave they have had 2 rounds of shots, deworming every 2 weeks since 2 weeks of age , microchipped, crate trained , house broke with a dog door. They will also come with a bag full of goodies that help them be comfortable in their new home . All of dogs are family !

AJR Australian Shepherds

Kathryn Corey Rogers, TX
Phone 512-552-0271
Organization AJR Australian Shepherds

We are a small Australian Shepherd breeder in Central Texas. We breed for toys but have minis as well. We take great pride in that our puppies are raised in our home alongside our family to create a well-rounded, social puppy that will be a wonderful addition to your family. We constantly strive to improve and preserve the Australian Shepherd breed. Our pups are to breed standard and from show-quality dogs, just in a more compact size for your lifestyle. All puppies come microchipped, with a puppy pack, insurance, genetic health guarantee, litter box trained, and continued support for the life of your puppy.

Autumn & Colt's Aussies

Autumn Schultz Bryan, TX
Phone 979-219-1867
Organization Autumn & Colt's Aussies

Here at Autumn & Colt’s Aussies, we breed large mini/small standards based on temperament, breed standard, and health testing. It all started when I met my now husbands dog, Rowdy, who is a mini aussie. I fell in love with the breed, and decided to dip my feet in by buying a female to breed him to. I loved it so much, that I decided to quit my part time job and become a full time aussie breeder. I truly believe that this is what God has called me to do, and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!! My dogs are my best friends, not just breeders. We use Paw Print Genetics for testing, and get to know each addition to our family up until breeding age to decide whether they are a good fit based on temperament to reproduce. Follow our facebook page for updates on the A&CA family!

Bar C Toy & Mini Aussies

Aaron & Danielle Clements Midland, TX
Phone 9033123511
Organization Bar C Toy & Mini Aussies

At Bar C our goal is to breed Toy & Mini Aussies that meet breed standards and to do our part to help make it better.  We also strive to be the kind of breeder that is there for the families that trust us to breed their four legged forever best friends, beyond the choosing and buying process.  Our dogs are raised in the house with our family and used to being on the road traveling, whether that be to dog shows or our families houses.  We are located in Midland, but travel the state frequently.  

Beulah Aussie Farms Texas

Rebekah Owen Ratliff Corsicana, TX
Phone 19036411211
Organization Beulah Aussie Farms Texas

Beulah Aussie Farms Texas is located in Dallas and Waco Texas. We raise toy, mini and standard Australian Shepherds. We love to responsibly raise and train our puppies, so they have the tools to be weel-rounded beloved family members. We cherish each of our dogs and puppies and do everything we can to make sure that they get the best lives possible. That includes everything from choosing healthy parents with good temperaments, to proper socialization and daily care, to placing them in loving homes with wonderful families. We strive to provide each of our puppies and their families with a truly positive experience.I began this journey many years ago after experiencing a spinal cord injury. This injury had severe health ramifications. I had become depressed dealing with all the pain and inability to physically move and perform as I had prior to my injury. I did research on the Australian Shepherd and began actively looking for my own baby to love. I did find him, Atticus. He was so precious and smart. He learned very quickly, and I began training him to be my service dog. He passed all his classes with flying colors. He not only began helping me physically, but he helped me emotionally. He was the best thing that has happened since my injury. Since that time, I have grown our Aussie family and each and every one is special. I fell in love with the breed, their agility, demeanor, and brilliance. I wanted to be able to provide a family member who can potentially be a service dog for those in need to a family member who brings joy, love and a sweet life to your home. I put all my heart into loving each and every dog and puppy who lives in our home with us. I hope that one of our sweet puppies can bring you the joy and love that I experienced. We wish all those who are seeking for their new family member all the blessings!

Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies

Angela & Scott Tilley Royse City, TX
Phone 469-688-7001
Organization Bluebonnet Ridge Aussies

We are a licensed breeder in the State of Texas and have been raising this magnificent breed for over 16 years. In addition to raising them, we show, board and train our puppies. Our puppies are raised indoors with both Puppy Culture and BadAss Breeder Protocols. We also do Early Neurological stimulation and sound desensitization with puppies. We strive to raise well-bred toys, minis and standard Australian Shepherds for the family home. Our puppies are raised with young children on a ranch and easily integrate into a family setting. We encourage in person visits with a scheduled appointment and look forward to helping you find your new bestfriend! Angela, Scott, Ryan and Emma

Box M Ranch

James McGrew Terrell, TX
Phone 318-243-2938
Organization Box M Ranch

We are a small family ranch who specialize in Brangus cattle and miniature Australian Shepherds.  We are located in northeast Texas.

Bozzi's Little Aussies

Andrew & Amanda Bozzi Leander, TX
Phone (202) 905-4347
Organization Bozzi's Little Aussies

Set on 10 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country, just minutes outside of Austin, our dogs have plenty of room to get that Aussie energy out!We run a small hobby farm, so our pups will get plenty of opportunities for socialization (with people, other dogs, goats, you name it!) and we will also provide basic obedience training.All of our dogs com from champion bloodlines and treated like family. We breed for both breed standard (confirmation) as well as temperament. Feel free to come check us out at the farm sometime and meet the gang!

Brushy Creek Aussies

Jeanne and Andy Carter Red Oak, TX
Phones 5807752898 / 8179665664
Organization Brushy Creek Aussies

Check website

Cantler Corner Farm

Don Cantler Jarrell, TX
Phone 5129058951
Organization Cantler Corner Farm

Cantler Corner Farm is located in Central Texas. We have 28 acres where we raise Miniature Australian Shepherds and Dexter Cattle. We raise the Mini Aussie's in partnership with our grandkids who live on or close to the ranch. Our goal is to provide lifelong pets and friends to our customers. We also breed to the breed standards and choose our breeding stock accordingly. Our breeding males and females are genetically tested so we can ensure healthy pets. We already all know the Australian Shepherd breed takes care of the "Love" part!

Circle 5

Cory & Gail Claborn Slaton, TX
Phone 806-632-1985
Organization Circle 5 Aussies

At Circle 5 we strive to raise Aussies that are to the breed standard and well socialized. Our dogs are part of the family; they are handled with love from day one until they join their forever home. We enjoy participating in conformation showing, Rally O, Agility, and we also use our dogs to as track dogs for our show goats. This shows how versatile the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd is. We would love to show you our dogs or just answer any questions you have.

Circle 5 Aussies has been awarded the first Award of Merit and Elite Award of Merit!!

Cooperville Aussies

Cherilyn Moore Cleburne, TX
Phone 8172330848

I am a small hobby breeder of Toy and Mini Aussies in Texas. We purchased our first Aussie 9 years ago and fell in love. We lost him in an accident a year ago at our home and were devastated. We decided then to get more puppies and raise in his honor. That is where my name came from in honor of our beloved COOPER.  We want others to find the joy we did in these smart, loyal and loving Aussies!

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