Blue Shadow Ridge Mini Aussies

Sherry & Warren Lehman NEW NORWAY, Alberta, CAN
Phone 17807814795
Organization Blue Shadow Ridge Mini Aussies

We are a small farm in central Alberta where we raise horses, cattle and Miniature Australian Shepherds.  We fell in love with the breed when we brought home our first Miniature Australian Shepherd 12 years ago.  They fit right in with our lifestyle and we are able to expose them to lots of people, situations, livestock, and adventures.  We enjoy their ahtletic ability, their loyalty, their curiousity, and their unique personalities.  They are a very diverse breed and can go from being outside helping to move cattle, tagging along on a horseback ride, tracking down the newest scent, and then come on in and curl up by your feet at the fire.  We can't imagine life without our Aussies!  Our dogs are ASDR registered and have had healthy, happy pups that go where we go and do what we do!

Blum'N Aussies

Julie Blum T0G 2H0 Vega, AB, CAN
Phone 780-305-9246
Organization Blum'N Aussies

We are breeders of Standard Size Australian Shepherds. We love our dogs as part of our family. Our puppies are raised around our four children, chickens, and cats. They are very well socialized. Every puppy is treated as a member of the family until they become a member of yours.

DH Aussies

Meghan Hoffart V2G 4X5 Williams Lake, BC, CAN
Phone 2503051101
Organization DH Aussies

We are a family run kennel located in the heart of the Cariboo Region of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Our dogs are our family, and our litters are raised right in our living room.  Pups are very well socialized to all the noises of a busy household, our 3 young kids make sure of that!  We follow the puppy culture program and strive to produce dogs that are sound in mind, body and spirit.  By the time they leave us they have been exposed to a number of different stimuli and situations that helps to ease the transition out into the big world.  Parents are DNA health tested, and pups come with a 1 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

DMC Toy and Mini Aussies

Donna Courage Okotoks, AB, CAN
Phone 8254314719
Organization DMC Toy and Mini Aussies

We are located in south Calgary, Alberta, only 3 hours from the Sweet Grass Montana border.

We have selected dogs that have a well-rounded personality, excellent conformation, with temperament, beauty, brains, and health, All in a small package!

All our puppies are raised in our home, ASDR registered, and trained in ‘Puppy Culture’ from three days old till they go to their furever families.  We strive for excellent puppy socialization and training, continually looking forward to their futures.


Parents are DNA health tested, and pups come with a 1year health guarantee and lifetime of support.


Donna Courage

DMC Toy and Mini Aussies

Élevage Nature-Nord

Valérie Boivin J0W 1C0 Ferme-Neuve, QC, CAN
Phone 819-440-8949
Organization Élevage Nature-Nord

Notre élevage se passionne pour le Berger Australien miniature / mini-Aussie. Nos chiens font partie intégrante de notre famille. Nous avons à cœur de reproduire des chiens heureux et en santé, provenant d'une lignée exceptionnelle. Nous travaillons jours après jours pour vous donner le meilleur. Cette race nous a interpellées spécifiquement pour son énergie débordante, son étonnante intelligence, sa loyauté inébranlable envers son maître et bien sûr, sa grande beauté à couper le souffle. Nous vivons sur une ferme de 204 acres. Nos chiens ont une qualité de vie extraordinaire, les champs et la forêt sont leur quotidien.​Nos chiens à venir ne feront pas l'objet de pré-dépôt. Nous voulons que votre futur compagnon soit le coup de cœur de votre vie. Nous trouvons important que vous connectiez avec une personnalité qui se complètera à la vôtre et non uniquement avec une couleur ou un sexe. Par contre, nous tenons une liste de gens à contacté par ordre de priorité lors de portées.​Tous nos chiens sont enregistrés CKC (en tant que Berger Australien) ou ASDR (en tant que Berger Australien miniature). Nous ne reproduisons aucun croisé. Nous avons également des photos et enregistrements de chacun des parents de nos chiens reproducteurs choisis soigneusement parmi les meilleurs éleveurs à travers le Canada et suivis de près dès leurs naissances. Nos chiens sont tous vus régulièrement par notre vétérinaire. Nous tenons tous les vaccins et vermifuges à jour. Nos reproducteurs sont testés pour plus de 250 maladies.

Ghost Eye

Penny Packet Chaplin, SK, CAN
Phone 306-629-3278
Organization Ghost Eye Mini Aussies

Located in the SW Hills of Saskatchewan, Canada right in the heart of Cattle Country....2 1/2 hrs north of Montana. We are breeding for the Total Aussie pkg... Brains, Beauty, Disposition & Health all according to the Aussie Breed Standard. All of our adults are OFA'd for Hips/Elbows/Patellas. They have their Full Aussie Panels, M Locus, S Locus & CDDY via Paw Print Genetics. Our adults are also DNA verified thru BioPet Labs. We raise all 3 sizes- Toys/Minis/Standards- & have used all 3 sizes on cattle as well.... Can ship Canada wide via WestJet, can deliver within the USA via Pet Courier OR will meet you at the Regina Int. Airport if you decide to fly in. Our pups are well socialized & are ready for their life long adventures. 2 year genetic guarantee & Lifetime Support. We have been breeding this wonderful breed for a number of years & believe we have a real nice group of Aussies in our program. Feel free to check out our Website & our Facebook page.... Pictured is one of our Homegrown boys...Ghost Eye's Bet N on the Farm..."Farmer"

Heeling NRG

Shari Joanisse Cornwall, Ontario, CAN
Phone 613-933-5348

At Heeling NRG our dogs are family first, show and breeding dogs second; our dogs are couch dogs, bed dogs, and work dogs spending many evenings at our feet in the office and providing therapeutic visits to both young and old. HeelingNRG Aussies prides itself on sound temperaments for both pet and active companion homes. We strive for dogs of sound mind and body, and we carefully select pedigrees to help with our success. Our breeding dogs are fully health tested, including OFA Hips, Elbows, CAER Eyes, and a breed-specific genetic panel from PawPrint Genetics. All puppies are raised in our home, being exposed to all the chaos that is normal life. We utilize Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture protocols, promoting outgoing, enrichment seeking puppies eager to engage with their people and their environment. We start crate training, house training, and clicker training with all our puppies, making for easier transitions to their new homes. We raise our dogs holistically; puppies are weaned onto raw foods, and have had first vaccines no earlier than eight weeks of age, providing for the best possible start to nutrition and life-long health and wellness. We are active showing in conformation and performance scent detection, and have puppies training in agility, disc, dock-diving, tracking, therapy and service dog work, and puppies who are in working homes herding for a living. We want to help you find the next dog of your dreams! 

Rafter Bar Mini Aussies

Trista Reimer Vanderhoof, BC, CAN
Phone 250-944-0063
Organization Rafter Bar Mini Aussies

Rafter Bar Mini Aussies is located in central British Columbia. It is our pleasure to be able to raise our Aussies on our ranch where they are a great part of our everyday life!  Checking cattle or horses, going for a swim, or just hanging out around the yard are some of the many things they enjoy.  Our mini Australian Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, making them easy to guide and train! As a breeder, we are striving for great conformation and athletic ability. Our dogs are a part of our family. We do our best to raise healthy, happy pups that are well socialized. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook at Rafter Bar Quarter Horses and Mini Aussies. 

(Trista Reimer & Kevin Isaac)

Round Point Mini Aussies

Jeremy Hill 150 Mile House, BC, CAN
Phone 250-296-9105
Organization Round Point Mini Aussies

Thanks for checking out “Round Point Mini Aussies”. We are the Hills. A family of eleven living on a small farm in 150 Mile House in central BC.We raise ASDR Miniature Australian Shepherds. We fell in love with the Mini Aussies when we were looking for a dog which would be the right fit for our family. We wanted a family dog that would be great with children and enjoy keeping up with an active and adventurous family.This breed fits right in with our lifestyle and we have been able to expose them to lots of various people, different situations that arise on the farm, various livestock, and the adventures that go with a big family. We enjoy their athletic ability, their loyalty, their intelligence, and their unique personalities. They are easily trainable because they are very intelligent and eager to please their humans. They are very gentle and look out for our children, even down to the smallest member of the family. We can’t imagine life without our Aussies!Our Miniature Australian Shepherds live with us in our home and we take great pride in producing high-quality, healthy, robust and happy puppies that others can enjoy and love.Give us a call as we would love to have a conversation with you to see if one of our Mini Aussies would make a great fit for you, your family and your lifestyle.Our adults are all genetic Health Tested through Paw Print Genetics.Jeremy & Paulina Hill & Family



Sirius Star Mini Aussies

Sharon Brunner T4P 0X4 Red Deer, Alberta, CAN
Phone 403-347-4221
Organization Sirius Star Mini Aussies

Located in Central Alberta, Canada, we are enthusiastic about and committed to the Miniature Australian (and it's counterpart the Miniature American ) Shepherd. We are occasional breeders of selectively planned litters from health-tested and dearly-loved parent dogs. Our dogs live in our home, join us in all possible activities, and sleep on our beds at night. We are striving to provide others with puppies that represent the breed with beauty of mind and body, and provide new owners with supportive and comprehensive puppy packages. Puppies receive ample opportunities for socialization and exposure to as much safe stimuli as we can possibly provide.


Michaela Kraska Zetzwil, CHE
Phone 0041767881503
Organization Schniepy's

We are a small family Miniature Australian Shepherd cattery and live in beautiful Switzerland. Our dogs grow and live with us in the house. If the weather is nice, they can go outside and play in the garden. We would like to breed healthy dogs with a loving character.

Annie's Aussies

Annie Long Nucla, CO
Phone 970-417-1507
Organization Annie's Aussies

Annie's Aussies is a small hobby breeder of Toy Australian Shepherds in Western Colorado. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. We consider our dogs members of our family and our puppies are our absolute treasures.Please visit our website for more information and to see available pups!

Antelope Hill Aussies

Diana Hilterbrand Austin, CO
Phone 970-835-3826
Organization Antelope Hill Aussies

Antelope Hill Aussies is a small family-run kennel that raises Miniature Australian Shepherds with love in a family environment.  We are located in western Colorado, about 45 minutes south of Grand Junction, Colorado. We have about an acre of land, with a big fenced yard and large outdoor kennels

Aussie Tales of Southern Colorado

Wanetta (Nita) Hughes Bise Pagaso Springs, CO
Phone 719-510-8034
Organization Aussie Tales of Southern Colorado

We are a small home business raising and breeding Purebred Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds.  Our doggies are our family and each puppy born is part of our family until they go to their forever homes.


Beautiful Country Farm Aussies

Shanna Spencer Bennett, CO
Phone 720-237-1058
Organization Beautiful Country Farm Aussies

My Beautiful Standard Aussie's are family. They have wonderful temperments.  They are exposed to Colorado farm life as well as family life. And love children especially!   They work and play in a multitude of temperature extremes including Hot and fridged cold temperatures. They are around all types of animals from our farm cats, poultry, and waterfowl up to our horse. And are exposed to all types of motorized equipment. They even ride in the truck to go to church on Sunday's. Evenings are spent indoors taking it easy and lounging with family. Our pups make wonderful additions to most family's looking for a well rounded friend. Please call to schedule a meeting or for more information.  Have a beautiful day. 

Crowfood Valley Mini Aussies

Leny Yoder Elizabeth, CO
Phone 303-688-1158
Organization Crowfoot Valley Toy Aussies


Koni's Kennel

Koni Bock Fleming, CO

My Husband and I own a little place in Northeastern Colorado. I raise only 1 breed and that is Miniature Australian Shepherd. Our dogs are NOT kennel dogs they are part of our family and treated as that. I have National Champion sire along with International Champion blood lines in some of my females. My adults have their testing done. I do get all ranges of sizes from 13.5 to 18 inches range in my puppies along with a wide range of colors they come with a Health Guarantee. I am a small License Breeder so you can buy with confidence.

Legacy Ranch Australian Shepherds

Holly Bakke Parker, CO
Phones 3035180311 / 3039578145
Organization Legacy Ranch Australian Shepherds

We have been breeding Australian Shepherds for 20+ years. Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with great dispositions. All of our breeding dogs are genetically tested. Our dogs are first and foremost our family dogs and second breeding dogs if they meet our criteria for temperament and health.

McClure's Mini Aussies

Melody Klein ARVADA, CO
Phone 3035326652
Organization McClure's Mini Aussies

An At-home purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder.

Wynter Thyme Manor

Melissa Lambrecht Bethany, CT
Phone 203-627-6436
Organization Wynter Thyme Manor

We are a reputable breeder of genetically health tested Australian shepherds. All our dogs are loved, raised, and work with us on our farm. Our mission is to find the prefect adopter for our lovely Aussie pup! Please visit our website to learn more about our available as well as our planned litters.

Aussie Dream

Melanie Langbein 96317 Kronach, DEU
Phone 01709700707
Organization Aussie Dream

We are breeder since 20 years ago and our kennel is in Kronach (Germany)

Magic River

Julia Katharina Tomczak Essen, NRW, DEU
Phone +492014088803
Organization Magic River

We are located in Bochum, Germany, only a few minutes away from the Ruhr (River)All our puppies are raised in our home, they get to know dogs of all ages, people of all ages, Cats and small Animals and a lot more.When they move into their new home, they a microchip, vaccinated, dewormed, ASDR registered and eye checkt.All of our Dogs are healthy, they are all dna tested, HD, ED, OCD, PL free and will check their eyes every year.


Nicole Dawe 34277 Fuldabrueck, DEU
Phone 00491702807775
Organization Pawdreams

Pawdreams is a small breeder located right in the middle of Germany. We strive to raise Miniature Australian as well as Miniature American Shepherds that are healthy and with ASDR and AKC papers.The puppies are raised in our home and all dogs live in our house. Some of them assist in schooling and coaching as we also run an academy for adult learning.Our dogs are health tested, well-socialized, exposed to a wide range of environments, stimuli and situations and love people. Our goal is to breed dogs that will become great family dogs.We love Aussies and hope you will love them as much as we do. Our dogs are family members and that is what we have in mind for our puppies – to find a loving, furever home!We will help you to fulfill your pawdreams!

Aussie Trail Farms, Inc.

Julie Anzalone N Ft Myers, FL
Phone 239-223-8847
Organization Aussie Trail Farms, Inc.

Aussie Trail Farms is a family owned and run small family farm. We live on the farm along with our adult children and young grandchildren. Aussies have been a part of our life for many years. We breed mini and standard Aussies with focus on health, temperament and socialization. Our dogs are raised in the home with us and all puppies are socialized and cared for within our home prior to going to their forever home. Our farm consists of Aussies, goats, chickens and ponies. They all coexist and love each other. All of our Aussies are ASDR/CKC or ASDR/AKC registered and have been health tested prior to breeding. 

Beasley Acres Aussies

Annette Beasley Anthony, FL
Phones 812-267-0686 / 352-210-4422
Organization Beasley Acres Aussies

Beasley Acres Aussies is a breeder of Toy and Miniature sized Australian Shepards. Australian Shepards are wonderful dogs. They are full of energy, smart, and eager to please. We love our Aussies, and our goal is to provide healthy, smart, and loving puppies, that we know you will love too!

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