For each title, a total of 10 tricks will be performed. The handler will get three tries before being asked to move on to a new trick. There will be a list of tricks to pick from for each level. Only one level can be completed per show. A dog must be at least three months old to obtain a trick dog title.

              Level 1- Treats may be used to help get your dog to do any of the tricks.

‰      Puppy sit ups – sit, down, sit, down, sit, down, dog can not break sit/down meaning they may not stand before trick is complete

‰      Puppy push-ups-  down, stand, down, stand, down, stand, dog cannot sit before exercise is finished.

‰      Peak-a-boo – Dog goes between legs of owner and sits.

‰      Army crawl – dog crawls on belly 5 feet

‰      Fetch – Dog retrieves ball and brings back to owner, dropping at owners feet, or releasing the ball to owner.

‰      Kennel up – pup goes into kennel on command. Owner must start at least 2 feet from kennel, and must not touch dog once command is given.

‰      Touch – Dog touches nose to handlers hand, or a target

‰      Kiss – Dog gives handler kisses on command

‰      Hand Signals – Dog sits, downs, or comes on hand signal only

‰      Shake or High five – Dog places paw on handlers hand (paw and hand must make contact)

‰      Spin – Dog turns in a circle in either direction (must be a full 360 circle)

‰      Tunnel – Dog willingly goes through a straight tunnel

‰      Jump – Dog willingly jumps a low jump (jump height will vary from dog to dog, but will not exceed 12 inches.)

‰      Handler Choice_____________________________________________

    Handler Choice____________________________________________

Level 2 - A treat may be given to your dog after each trick is performed. 

‰      Speak – Bark on command

‰      Find it – Find Treat or scented item under cup or another item

‰      Get it – Gets leash, brush or a toy by name

‰      Hold – Holds object in mouth for 5 seconds

‰      Through – jumps through low hoop, or goes through door without handler

‰      Paws up – puts front paws on a platform or table

‰      Get on – All four feet must be on platform, table, or chair

‰      Catch – Dog catches ball or toy

‰      Go Mat – Dog goes to dog bed, blanket, mat or kennel from 10 feet away

‰      Sit pretty/beg – Dog sits up

‰      Three hand signals – Dog must preform 3 acts with hand signals alone

‰      Fetch it – from a sit dog is released and retrieves item from 20 feet away. Must return item to handler’s hand.

‰      Carry – Carries item (purse, towel, sock) for 6 feet

‰      Handler’s Choice ____________________________________________

‰      Handler’s Choice_____________________________________________

Level 3


‰      Balance treat on nose – treat must sit on the dogs muzzle for 5 seconds

‰      Wait – Dog must wait while treats are set on its paws and not eat the treats until released

‰      Arm Circle – Dog must jump through handlers circled arms

‰      Roll over – Dog must roll completely over to the other side

‰      Dead dog – Dog must lay still on his/her side on laying upside down on their back for three seconds

‰      Leg weave – Dog must weave back and forth between handlers legs a total of three times

‰      Paws on – Dog places front paws on handlers arms

‰      Wave – Dog raises one paw

‰      Sit or down at a distance

‰      Back up – dog takes 3 steps backwards

‰      Dog walks between handlers legs for 5 steps

‰      Look away – Handler holds treat in hand and instructs the dog to look away. The dog will then turn his/her head away from the treat.

‰      Handler Choice______________________________________________


‰      Handler Choice______________________________________________


       Handler Choice______________________________________________




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