Esther's Top Shelf Aussies

Esther Minton Maryville, TN
Phone 937-232-0240

Hello, We are a small hobby breeder of Toy & miniature Australian Shepherds.  We
strive to produce breed standard, good temperament, friendly, loving socialized well
rounded Aussies.  All of our Aussies have been Genetic tested by Paw Print Genetics
(results are available upon request)  Our Aussies are shown ASDR & IABEC &  compete
in rally obedience, agility, herding instinct, nose work, & therapy certification. 
Our Aussies are raised in our home & sleep with us or are in a crate in our
bedrooms.  Mothers whelp  puppies on our bed & are raised in our home  & are
socialized with humans & our other pets everyday as well as being held & played with
from the time they are born.  Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee on
genetics.   We welcome visitors by appointment only.

Ozoodle's Kennel

Tammy Burruss Shelbyville, TN
Phone 931-224-4010

Ozoodle’s Kennel is a small family kennel located In Shelbyville, TN

We specialize in raising toy & mini ASDR Registered Aussies.

Our goal is to provide you with a, beautiful, healthy, smart, sound, and good-tempered Aussie that conforms to the breed standard. Our puppies are raised on a Horse farm.

All of our breeding Dogs are genetic tested Paw Prints Genetics or Canine Health Check.

Our dogs are loyal, well socialized, and are a part of our family. They are socialized with other animals, kids etc.

We love each and every one of our dogs/puppies, they are family to us.


Tina Lambert Paradise, TX
Phone 817-894-0987
Organization 3Laussies

Our love for the Australian Shepherd in the smaller variety,  14"-18"  Miniature & the 10"-14" Toy, are the sizes we strive for. 

These little dogs have huge hearts that can do everything the full size Australian Shepherd does. As a small family breeder, our dogs are our up-most priority.  We strive to produce to the breed standard a healthy, happy and very socialized aussie. If you are considering a Toy or Mini Aussie, for show, agility, rally, nose work, herding or just your new best friend, we would love the opportunity to help you find the perfect addition to your family.


Kate Duke Huntsville, TX
Phone 936-581-9571
Organization 7UL

Welcome to 7UL Aussies. We are located in East Texas and we breed Miniature Australian Shepherds. All of our Aussies are a part of our family. We are not a kennel. Our Aussies and their babies are raised in our home alongside our 2 kids.
We strive to raise beautiful and healthy dogs to add to your family. We start early neurological training to ensure our puppies are well socialized so it is easier for them to make the transition into any family. All of our adults are genetic health tested through Paw Print Genetics and come with a health guarantee.

A & W Aussies

Wendy Wood San Antonio, TX
Phone (210) 803-4458
Organization A & W Aussies

A&W Aussies was established after Scout, our Aussie Ambassador, came in to our lives and introduced such joy and love that we decided we had to share this intelligent and loving breed with others.  Our dogs and puppies live side by side with us in our home.  Raising well socialized, healthy, happy puppies to enrich your life and complete your family is our primary goal.  We focus on toy and mini Australian Shepherds.  All parents are genetically tested and all puppies are well handled and highly socialized.  Our dogs are registered with ASDR and we strive to raise pups that can excel on the ranch, in the show ring or just provide you the loving companionship you desire.

AJR Australian Shepherds

Kathryn Corey Rogers, TX
Phone 512-552-0271
Organization AJR Australian Shepherds

We are a small Australian Shepherd breeder in Central Texas. We breed for toys but have minis as well. We take great pride in that our puppies are raised in our home alongside our family to create a well-rounded, social puppy that will be a wonderful addition to your family. We constantly strive to improve and preserve the Australian Shepherd breed. Our pups are to breed standard and from show-quality dogs, just in a more compact size for your lifestyle. All puppies come microchipped, with a puppy pack, insurance, genetic health guarantee, litter box trained, and continued support for the life of your puppy.

Box M Ranch

James McGrew Terrell, TX
Phone 318-243-2938
Organization Box M Ranch

We are a small family ranch who specialize in Brangus cattle and miniature Australian Shepherds.  We are located in northeast Texas.

Brushy Creek Aussies

Jeanne and Andy Carter Red Oak, TX
Phones 5807752898 / 8179665664
Organization Brushy Creek Aussies

Check website

Cantler Corner Farm

Don Cantler Jarrell, TX
Phone 5129058951
Organization Cantler Corner Farm

Cantler Corner Farm is located in Central Texas. We have 28 acres where we raise Miniature Australian Shepherds and Dexter Cattle. We raise the Mini Aussie's in partnership with our grandkids who live on or close to the ranch. Our goal is to provide lifelong pets and friends to our customers. We also breed to the breed standards and choose our breeding stock accordingly. Our breeding males and females are genetically tested so we can ensure healthy pets. We already all know the Australian Shepherd breed takes care of the "Love" part!

Circle 5

Cory & Gail Claborn Slaton, TX
Phone 806-632-1985
Organization Circle 5 Aussies

At Circle 5 we strive to raise Aussies that are to the breed standard and well socialized. Our dogs are part of the family; they are handled with love from day one until they join their forever home. We enjoy participating in conformation showing, Rally O, Agility, and we also use our dogs to as track dogs for our show goats. This shows how versatile the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd is. We would love to show you our dogs or just answer any questions you have.

Circle 5 Aussies has been awarded the first Award of Merit and Elite Award of Merit!!

Cooperville Aussies

Cherilyn Moore Cleburne, TX
Phone 8172330848

I am a small hobby breeder of Toy and Mini Aussies in Texas. We purchased our first Aussie 9 years ago and fell in love. We lost him in an accident a year ago at our home and were devastated. We decided then to get more puppies and raise in his honor. That is where my name came from in honor of our beloved COOPER.  We want others to find the joy we did in these smart, loyal and loving Aussies!

Crooked Oak Ranch Aussies

Jimmy & D’Juana Tomlin Huntington, TX
Phone 409-790-8307

We are lovers of our four legged family members, ours being Australian Shepherds. We recognize that our breed is not for the novice pet parent. Therefore our standard is as high for the pet parent as it is for our breed. Just as with any other family member, this is a life long commitment. From being a family pet, a working dog, a therapy dog, to a companion, the Aussie can be anything you want him or her to be. Aussies are highly intelligent and motivated to please. We are here to show that the Aussie is not only for the young family or as a working partner but makes a devoted companion for those who are looking for deep devotion no matter the age.

Our goal is to breed Australian Shepherds to meet the highest level of breed standard. We strive to produce a working family pet while matching the right family to the right Aussie. We provide strong accurate information to our new pet parents in order to provide a healthy forever home and working environment.

Double M Toy & Mini Aussies

Michael and Chandra Martin Joshua, TX
Phone 817-271-7905
Organization Double M Toy & Mini Aussies

Here at Double M Toy and Mini Aussie's new dogs of interesting bloodlines have been purchased for breeding and work. In selection of breeding pairs the main priorities for us are strong health and stable psyche.

In breeding work we use the best representatives of proven bloodlines and consider both outstanding sides and faults of dogs to get the off springs of exceptional quality. Our puppies have genetic tested parentage, stable movement, heavy bones, and breed heads.

You can add this bloodline to your program or have one of the best PET Toy or Mini Australian Shepherds to add to your family.

Our dogs are not numbers or raised in total confinement 24/7. They interact with one another as well as many are used for farm work. They live a life with lots of purpose to their breed standard. We also show our dogs at American Stock Dog shows and all breed shows as well. We have many champions in our program and strive to produce future champions.

All of our puppies get lots of one on one socializing as well as lots of time on the grooming table. They receive full grooms weekly after they are 4 weeks old. They have puppy play yards indoors and outdoors. They learn patience and verbal commands. They are loved unconditionally and given the utmost of medical care as well as nutritional care. Every puppy goes through an evaluation process so that we can match the proper disposition to an owner's desire and life style.

All puppies leave with a complete puppy kit. Which includes all medical paper work, nutritional supplements, food that they are currently on as well as copies of all parents genetic testing and proven champion show titles.

We offer a lifetime of support and information to our clients. We strive to see them successful with their new dog and/or puppy.

Michael & Chandra Martin

Esquire Ranch

Donna Knight Pickton, TX
Phone 9726582000
Organization Esquire Ranch


Flaming Dill Ranch Aussies

Starr Dill Forestburg, TX
Phone 940-841-0055
Organization Flaming Dill Ranch Aussies

Ranch Raised Champion Bred ASDR Toy & Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies
At Flaming Dill Ranch Aussies, we strive to raise our Aussies to reflect the amazing beauty, intelligence and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed.  Our goal is to provide you with a smart, beautiful, healthy, sound, and good tempered Aussie that conforms to the breed standard.  All of our puppies are by Heath Tested Elite Grand Champion parents!  We are located approximately 1 1/2 hours Northwest of Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  

We take great pride in finding our puppies their new Forever home!

Flying LL Aussies

Leslie Lee Madisonville, TX
Phone 936-348-4654
Organization Flying LL Aussies

Flying LL Aussies is located in Madisonville, TX. We breed top quality show dogs that are perfect for families and children. We are a small operation where are pups get plenty of attention and live in a top of the line facility. We would love to help you find your new best furry friend!

Flying S Aussies

Laurie Ivy Sawyer Marshall, TX
Phone 9037903869
Organization Flying S Aussies

Flying S Aussies is located in Marshall, TX (150 miles east of Dallas and 45 miles west of Shreveport, LA). We live on approximately 33 acres where we strive to raise healthy, conformationally correct, happy, well adjusted Australian Shepherds of all sizes.

Gatlins Groovy Little Aussies

Jill Gatlin Weatherford, TX
Phone 817-343-4787
Organization Gatlins Groovy Little Aussies

Gatlins Groovy Little Aussies is a small breeding program in Parker County TX about 35 minutes west of Fort Worth. When we first fell in love with toy & mini Australian Shepherds, we knew it was the beginning of something very special. God gave us a love for animals, dogs being our favorite and Aussies having our hearts! We have been striving to produce healthy, breed standard, good temperament babies since we started our program in 2016. All our puppies are raised in our home with our children and the other fur babies. They get tons of love daily and will be ready to return that love to their forever family!

Golden Iris Kennel

Hali Cleveland Tyler, TX
Phone 903-530-2318
Organization Golden Iris Kennel

We are a small kennel of Mini Aussies located in East Texas. At Golden Iris Kennel our goal is to breed beautiful, and healthy family pets that you will love as much as we do.

HP Mini and Toy Aussies

Amanda Thompson Bryan, TX
Phone 9792291687
Organization HP Mini and Toy Aussies

Here at HP Mini and Toy Aussies, we strive to breed dogs that have genetics, traits, conformation, and disposition that are breed excellent. We selectively place our dogs in homes that will love our dogs as much as we do. It is our goal to responsibly and ethically carry on the desirable attributes of Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds

JKKJ Farms

Kimberly & Jesse Divins Pollok, TX
Phones 9368532144 / 4092245662
Organization JKKJ Farms

We are a small family owned and operated farm located in Angelina County, Tx and our farm would not be complete without our Australian Shepherds.  These highly intelligent pups have so much to offer whether it's in the show ring, your lap, or herding your livestock.

Our Aussies are more than just our furry friends!  They are family and we want them to be well socialized, happy, and healthy for you and your family too.

We offer life time breeder support on all of our dogs.  Our breeders are genetically tested and meet breed standards.

Mesquite Tree Aussies

Mollie Snowden Midland, TX
Phone 4322150109
Organization Mesquite Tree Aussies

Mesquite Tree Aussies is located in West Texas. We raise miniature Australian Shepherds. All of our puppies are family raised, we are not a kennel. All of our dogs are genetically tested along with being well socialized around adults and children. We look forward to helping you find your sweet and loyal companion. 

Minikin Manor

Kathy & Chris Janssen Georgetown, TX
Phone 512-300-8845
Organization Minikin Manor

At Minikin Manor, we carefully pair our dogs to break the stigma that a toy isn't truly an Aussie. We strive for the correct breed type, intelligence, and structure similar to what is seen in the larger counterparts.Our dogs are much more than looks and brains; we raise our puppies following a strict schedule of enrichment activities, challenges, socialization, and as part of the family. They are underfoot while we cook, clean, and then of course love on them. Our dogs come from many generations of our crosses, allowing us to know exactly what to expect whether it's size, temperament, health, energy levels, drive, and intelligence.Our goals are health first and foremost; closely followed by sound, well balanced dogs that are just fun to be around. A dog that you just completely enjoy every second with. Then of course we breed for correct dogs, true to the standard.Our puppies come with a lifetime of support. We stand behind our puppies. Whether it's for tips, to show off, advice, or just to chat. We make it a point to be knowledgeable in every area of this great breed. After all, knowledge is power.

Nova's Little Aussies

Soroya Lamastra Hurst, TX
Phone 817-653-5160
Organization Nova's Little Aussies

Nova’s Little Aussies is located in North Texas near Ft Worth.  We have amazing World Class Toy Australian Shepherds that are raised in our home with lots of TLC!  Our puppies come from a strong, intelligent, healthy, happy high-quality line of Aussies.  Our Adults are on our Organic Raw food diet and we are proud to produce healthy puppies.  We do offer to keep our puppies until 12 weeks and deliver a pad trained puppy that is already spay/neuter and micro-chipped for an additional fee.  We can also deliver via Pet Nanny Service to most US major Airport locations (please email for details).

Old Ranch Aussies

Bobbye Rucker China Spring, TX
Phone 254-447-3318
Organization Old Ranch Aussies

It has been quite the journey for me to take on the project of breeding these magnificent dogs. I'm asked often why I would want to breed since it is so much work. The simple answer is that I want to be known as a breeder who invests a great deal of time in mainly socializing our line. I don't breed for show necessarily, though my female line has quite a few show and championship names. I want to bring to the breed, Aussies that are quirky but gentle and trainable for a family. I believe the Aussie gets a really bad reputation because of their need to work and be active. For six years now, I have had one litter of Aussies each year. I have always been on the side of affordable Aussies but litters that are loved, touched, cuddled, sung to.and played with to help the process along for 'family' members and the dog to become a part of a family! Yes my male and female are health tested, well checked by a vet, and registered in more than one registry. My objective is to provide a safe place to find a family a 'new member' knowing they are ahead of the training process when they purchase a Old Ranch Road Aussie.

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