Below you will find the answers to some of our most common questions.


- What are your business hours?

Monday – Thursday

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  (Central Time)

We are closed Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 

We are closed for federal holidays.


-How can I make payments? 

      Paymets maybe made by Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit card and Paypal. 

      Please remember that all Credit/Debit card payments go through paypal.  You do not need to have a paypal account to use this function.  But you must follow the links to paypal.  Once on the PayPal page, there is a button asking if you wish to pay with credit/debit card, if you click that link you will go through to the credit/debit card page.   

If you have a paypal account and wish to make a payment first, be sure and include the transaction number for your payment.  

Payments must be complete before the papers will be released.



How should I send my registrations?

If on ASDR "Application for Individual Registration" they may be processed onlineWe will mail you a official registration certificate when payment goes through and the breeder approves application.  This process takes at least 2 weeks.

All other paperwork can be mailed to: P.O. Box 7510, Columbia, MO  65205

You may email new registrations to:  One application per email and only in PDF or document form.  There is an extra  $5 convenience fee as these will be done within 2 business days.


- Can I register my dog online?

Yes.  If the dog is on a “Application For Individual Registration” printed from ASDR.  Simply click here  and follow the prompts.

Be sure to list the "issue date" during the registration and not the "transfer date".  The issue date is listed right below birth date on the papers, or at the top of the paper on older papers.

Remember, the breeder must approve these so please allow at least two weeks to receive your papers.  

Application fee is $25 


- Can I register my litter online?

Yes, once you have signed up for an online account.  If the sire and dam owner are different, both owners must have an online account. 

Litter registration fee is $25 ($5 fee if you need them printed and mailed)

Your litter will be available to view and print once the payment has completed, unless there is a different sire owner.  The sire owner will need to               email to release the litter.  If you require us to print and mail your papers, there is an $5 fee.


- My dog is registered with another registry.  Can I register with ASDR?

Yes, this is called a dual registration.  The fee is $30.  Please make a copy of the dog’s current registration certificate and send it along with a               completed dual registration form.  Payment must be included with application.


- I have an application from another registry.  Do I need to register with them first to dual register?

No.  We will take that application from that registry as a dual registration.  You must complete the dual registration form & send a copy of the                other registry's application to us.   Please make sure we have the contact information of the breeder.   Remember, no paperwork sent by email. 


- Can I change the name of my dog?      

Only if this dog has not produced any litters.  However, IF the dog came in to us as a dual registration the name cannot be changed.  We can add             your kennel name to the end but no other changes will be made.


- The breeder has written their kennel name in the beginning of the “requested name” section of the application.  Do I have to use this?

If the breeder has their kennel name registered with ASDR, yes you have to leave the name.


- What breeds are included in ASDR?

We are currently registering Toy, Mini & Standard Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Cattle dogs, Miniature Cattle dogs, Cardigan &            Pembroke Welsh Corgies, Scottish Collie.  Other stock dogs may be added in the future.


- When should I expect my papers?

Paperwork sent via mail should arrived back to you approximately 2 weeks from the day you mail.   Emailed paperwork is completed within 2 business days.   Dog registration papers processed online require approval by breeder, so please allow 2 weeks to receive your papers.  Breeders    will receive an email when a puppy is registered online from one of their litters, they have SEVEN days to respond to either approve or not, then the      papers will be released as is into the printing process.  Please remember our days of business are Monday - Thursday.


- I have dogs registered with ASDR but they are not showing in my online account.

When registering dogs, or creating an online account names MUST be exactly the same.  If you are having this problem let us know and we will get everything listed properly.  Another common problem is creating more than one account.  Your dogs can only be listed in one account.  Again, let us know and we will move them to the correct account.   We suggest that husband and wife as well as minor children be listed on one main account with one email address. Minor children can be listed as Co-owner and will not need an account.   

Remember, if you have moved, changed your name, or have a new email address you can simply log into your account and update your information, please don't set up a new account.  


- Full or Limited Registration?

Full registration means you have the right to breed your dog.   Dogs on limited registration do not come with that right. Make sure you mark the correct box at the bottom of the paperwork.  If you sell a dog marked as Full Registration you may not change it after the fact.  If you do not mark either box, it is assumed you have sold with breeding rights and you can not change after the fact.   If you mark a dog as Limited, but decide to give the new owner full rights in the future, you may make that change, there will be a $10 reprint fee for new updated papers.   IF YOU ARE SELLING A DOG ON LIMITED REGISTRATION, please make sure the new owner is aware of that before they purchase.   Breeders will receive an email when a puppy is registered online from one of their litters, they have SEVEN days to respond to either approve or not, then the papers will be released as is.  


- I have dogs to transfer and a litter can I send everything in together?

Yes, you may send all paperwork in at the same time with one payment.


- How do I pay?

You can pay via check, money order, credit/debit card or PayPal.

If you send by PayPal please include the paypal transaction number with the application.   

Payment is due before papers will be processed.  Please send payment with your  registrations, we are safe and secure. Asking us to call            for payment just slows things down.  


-I need to check my show record for my dogs, can you help me?

All show questions should be sent to the show secretary by email:


- Common mistakes

When emailing, please include your complete name. 

Be sure to proof read paperwork to help avoid error.  

Please print as clearly as possible.

Make sure you have completed the requested name section.

Make sure you have entered the eye color and coat color information.

When inquiring about dog or litter registrations, please include dog's name, and number and any other information.


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