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From this point forward, all dogs being dual registered with ASDR from AKC papers that are registered as Australian Shepherd will ONLY be registered as a standard Australian shepherd with ASDR unless accompanied by a signed height statement from a vet on their letter head. Size of relatives will not factor into the dog’s size category and each individual dog will need a proof of size.  

Lois & Cori                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               May 17, 2023   

In light of the current ongoing conversations we feel the need to clarify some things. 

First—we are not, have never been, and never will be affiliated with Traci Philips, Stock Dog Registry Services, or International Herding Dog Association.  

Second—when dual registering AKC Australian Shepherds into ASDR, the following rules apply to all dogs regardless of size:   We register them as first as a Standard Australian Shepherd.    For any of these dogs that request to be a Miniature Australian Shepherd, we require a statement from a vet with height verification to accompany a copy of current registration papers in order for the dog to be re-classified a Miniature Australian Shepherd. 

Third— When Dual Registering any dog, we do not contact breeder for approval, we add any owner/co-owner listed on the current certificate from any approved registry provided to us.  We do not remove a co-owner’s name from the papers without their written permission.   



                        Attention:  We have added an online form for registration paper reprints.    You will be required to use that to order reprints of your dog's papers. 



    Click Here To The Page Containing Dual, IDR and Hardship Application Online Forms, as well as emailed Transfer of Ownership.  

 We no longer have a fax, and have now set up a SPECIAL EMAIL for emailed applications:   applications@americanstockdog.org.   Applications may now be emailed as well as sent by mail.  One application per email with a $5 convenience fee, so be sure to include this with your payment.  Please send as a PDF or document file if sending from a phone.   You can send pictures as Jpg file.  Emailed applications will be completed within 2 business days.  Emailed applications sent to other emails just slow the process down.   

Email:  applications@americanstockdog.org for problems with Dual Registration, IDR's, Hardship

 E-mail  register@americanstockdog.org for problems with Online dog registrations.

 E-mail  litters@americanstockdog.org  for problems with Online litter registrations.

E-mail  admin@americanstockdog.org  for general questions.

E-mail showsecretary@americanstockdog.org for title and general show information

E-mail transfers@americanstockdog.org for transfer of ownership information.

(all email answered Monday-Thursday 9 am-4 pm.)




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You must have a breeders listing on our website to be listed as a DNA verified Kennel.  


Please visit Registration Forms for required applications and instructions for registration.

We reserve the right to refuse service of any kind to anyone at our discretion!!




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