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2020 Show Schedule

Show related questions please contact our show secretary:  showsecretary@americanstockdog.org
show secretary phone: 573-864-9864 


Feb 7-9  Barking on the Bayou, Winnsboro, Louisiana (


March 20-21  Double M Ranch Conformation Shootout,  Cleburne, TX (Sponsored show)  Chandra Martin, Host. Conformation Only. Kenneth Hapgood & Felicity Trammel, Judges  Entries Open February 17 at 1 AM and close March 4 at 12 midnight.  ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES  THIS SHOW IS POSTPONED



April 3-5  Bourbon Trail Bark Down #1, Owensboro, KY (Sponsored show)  Tina Winston, Host. Conformation & Scent Work.  Robin Hugg & Jean Pero Conformation Judges.  Jeremy McLaughlan Scent Work Judge.   Entries open March 5 at 1 am and close March 18 at midnight.    https://www.facebook.com/groups/418200285193848/   THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED


April 24-25  Poteau Pow Wow,  Howe, OK (Stand Alone Show)  Patty Moore, Host.  Conformation only.  Jackie Craver & Anne Kieffer, Judges  Entries open March 25 at 1 am, and close April 8 at midnight.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1928646914119017/



May 8-9  Chisholm Trail Classic, Decatur, TX  (Sponsored Show)  Jessica Blessing, Host.  Conformation only.  Barbie & Felicity Trammel, Judges   Entries open  April 8 at 1 am and close april 22 at midnight https://www.facebook.com/CTCdogshow THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED


May 15-17  Buckeye Classic, Piketon, OH.  (Sponsored show)  Karin Rice and Heather Nickel, Hosts.  Conformation and Rally, Brenda & Jennifer Landers, Conformation Judges   entries open  april 15 at 1 am.   close april 29 at midnight  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2029428924001140/   THIS SHOW IS POSTPONED UNTIL 2021


June 5-7  Hoosier Roundup #1, Crawfordsville, IN (Sponsored Show)  Kim Schnepp, Host.  Conformation & Scent Work.  Sharon Griffin & Brenda-Lee Hoskins, Judges. Entries Open May 6 at 1 am.  and close May 20 at midnight.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/936050893136326/  THIS SHOW IS POSTPONED


June 19-21  Snake River Showdown, Lewiston, ID (Sponsored Show)  Kim Thornton, Host.  Conformation & Agility.  Juliann Bitter, Conformation Judge. entries open  May 21 at 1 am. and  close june 3 at midnight  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2114461248656099/members/  THIS SHOW IS POSTPONED.


 July 10-11  ASDR You Herd it in Texas, Alvarado, TX ( Sponsored Show), Kim Kostyak, Host.  Conformation only.  Mike Loller, Judge  Entries Open June 10 at 1 am and close June 24 at Midnight.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/795674897601867/  THIS SHOW IS POSTPONED


August 14-16  Hoosier Roundup #1 & #2,  Crawfordsville, IN (Sponsored Show)  Kim Schnepp, Host.   Juliann Bitter, Anne Keiffer , Butch & Gail Stiefferman will be the Conformation Judges.  Cori Diehls will be the Scent Work Judge, and Becky Davis the Rally Judge.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/936050893136326/  TWO SHOW WEEKEND,  RALLY AND SCENT WORK.    

Please use this link to enter dog. Entries open 7/17/20 and close 7/29/20 at Midnight

Junior Showmanship entry form


August 28-30  Sandhills Gathering/Poteau Pow Wow , McCook, NE (Sponsored Show)  Jessica Long, Host.  Jean Pero & Robin Hugg,  Jackie Craver & Anne Kieffer,  Conformation Judges  https://www.facebook.com/groups/374877259912329/ 

We are now combining the Poteau Pow Wow with this show and will have 2 Conformation shows and 1 show of Agility! 

Entries open July 31 and close Aug 12 at Midnight. 

Please use this link to enter dogs. Entries open July 31, 2020 and close August 12, 2020. We DO NOT accept late entries!


September 18-20, 2020.   Performance Only.   Columbia Canine Sports Center, Columbia, MO  Agility & Rally both seminars and trials on Saturday, Scentwork seminar and trial on Sunday.  Check in Friday evening.  Judges to be announced. 


October 9-11  Bourbon Trail Barkdown #1 & #2.  Owensboro, KY  (Sponsored Show)  Tina Winston, Host.  Conformation & Agility.  Stan Monsumoto, Jean Pero, Jennifer Landers & Brenda Landers. Conformation Judges.                                        https://www.facebook.com/groups/418200285193848/ TWO SHOW WEEKEND WATCH FOR MORE INFORMATION








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