Dogs and litters may be registered online if they are on ASDR paperwork.


 Dual Registrations, IDR and Hardship registrations must be faxed or sent by regular mail.  No email paperwork please.


If you have an "Application for Individual Registration" form you may register your new puppy/dog online.  Simply click here to register online.  We will mail you a hard copy of your registration certificate.  Remember, these must be approved by the breeder before printed and mailed.  Please allow up to 2 weeks to get your permanent papers. 



Printable Registration Forms: 

(click on the form that you would like to print)


Dual Registrations

This form is for dogs that currently hold a registration with another registry. Please include a copy of the current registration along with the completed application.  No pictures are needed.  You may send extended pedigree if you have it available. The fee for dual registration is $25.  This form must be mailed or faxed, NO EMAILED FORMS PLEASE!!  Payment, either paypal transaction number, Credit card information or check must be included.  

Individual Dog Registration (IDR)

This registration is for a dog/puppy who has parents from two different registries. (i.e.  AKC/ASDR, APRI/MASCA).  Dogs must be the same breed, but can be different size varieties, no mixes please.   All registries will be accepted. 

To complete this registration, you must include a copy of each of the parent’s registration papers, the completed IDR registration form and one picture.  We must have both the sire and dam’s owners name, if different, as well as the contact information, including phone and/or email, on the form.  The owner of the litter also must sign.   The price for this registration is $30. 

Please send by fax or USPS, NO EMAILED FORMS PLEASE, however you may email your picture.  Make sure your payment is included with your application.  


Hardship Registrations

This is a last resort for owners who have nice dogs acquired from owners/breeders that have not ever registered their dogs.  If we find you have hardshipped a dog that came with limited registration we will revoke your papers.  We reserve the right to deny any harship application if we feel they are not purebred or we feel it is not an honest registration.  Dogs must be over 12 months of age for hardship registration.   

Complete this form and send along with a vet statement (stating they believe the dog to be purebred) and 3 pictures showing each side of the dog along with a frontal shot.  The fee is $75. 

Please know that your dog will come with No pedigree info.  It would be best to try and get papers from the breeder even if the sire &/or dam are still on application.  

This form must be mailed or faxed, NO EMAILED FORMS PLEASE,however you may email your pictures.  Payment, either paypal transaction number, Credit/Debit card information or check must be included.


Litter Registration Form

Both parents must be ASDR registered.  If one is not, please send in a "dual registration" for that dog along with this litter application form, and appropriate fee for both.

* If both parents are registered, you may process and print your litter online and it will be available for you to view and print as soon as payment is processed. To register your litter online click here

* If you opt for us to print, another $5 for each litter processed will be added, and you will need to let us know by email if you process your litter online.   

*  If your litter does not release immediately, please send us an email.  Paypal sometimes does not release them.  


Fee for litter registration is $20. ($5 will be added when printed and mailed  papers are requested.)


         Transfer of ASDR registered dog

Original papers must be mailed in to ASDR.  Please keep a copy but we MUST have the originals sent back. Make sure that all information is complete on the back, and all signatures are in place, there is no other form required.  Transfer fee is $20.


Kennel Name Registration Form

Register your kennel with us for $25. This will assure that no one may use your kennel name without your express permission when naming puppies.  It also allows you to require your kennel name to be used on puppies you sell, but you must add this to the application when you sell the puppy.  It will not automatically be added.  This is a lifetime registration.


Breeder ListingsSpecial price - 3 years for the price of 2 years.  Normally $50 for first year and $25 to renew. Our special will give you 3 years for $75 for a savings of $25.  (We do get 3,000+ hits on the website daily and a great many are people looking for breeders.) Or combine with Kennel name request for $100.



You may pay with credit/debit card, PayPal, cashiers check, money order or personal check.  If mailing or faxing paperwork and paying with PayPal, please send transaction ID with paperwork.  Canadian customers, please make sure you are paying with US Funds.