American Stock Dog Top Ten (Adult) and Top Five (Junior) Year End Award Program

Here is the Link to nominate your dogs:

Top Ten and Five Conformation—Adult and Junior

Points for Top Five Conformation will calculate points from all ASDR shows, including Conformation only shows.  

ASDR officials will keep track of all points for the top five competitions (Rally, Nosework, Agility and Conformation). Dogs are required to be nominated, and handlers or owners must submit points for their dog up to 2 weeks after the show, a link to submit points will be available on the show Facebook page, and the ASDR home page within that show's information. 2 weeks after the conclusion of the show points will be considered forfeited if not submited. 

 Point schedule is as follows (this includes puppy, adult, champion, veteran and altered)


1st place in class = 25 pts with competition

(without competition = 20pts)

2nd place in class = 20 pts

3rd place in class = 15 pts

Participation = 5 pts. 


BOB = additional 10 pts

RBOB Bred by= 5 pts

BIS (all BIS) = additional 10 pts

RBIS = 5 pts


Performance Classes (Agility and Rally and Nosework)—Adult and Junior

*Dogs must be nominated for each individual event*


1st place = 25 pts

2nd place = 20 pts

3rd place = 15 pts

Participation = 5 pts

You will receive these additional points if you are competing in one of these levels and have a qualifying score:

Level 2—5 pts

Level 3—10 pts

Level 4—15 pts

Level 5—20 pts

Level 6--25 pts 

Qualifying runs that do not place will also receive the bonus points for their level.

Non-qualifying runs will receive participation points only, no bonus points. 


*Nosework also includes an ORC (Odor Recognition Certificate) that is required to compete.  You will receive 5 pts for taking and completing each of the elements and those points will be added to each show's points in addition to the Nosework trial points.  



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