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We have decided to add a Level 1 online Rally option. This will give competitors to option for their dogs to earn their level 1 Rally title virtually. This title option will be open until March 1 2022, at which point we will decide if we will extend the title period, or if we will end it. All regular rules apply. All dogs registered with ASDR that are 6 months of age or older are eligible (including dogs with tracking numbers).

To earn the Level 1 title, dogs must earn a qualifying score (80 points) on 2 of the 4 premade courses. Each Course must be submitted for judging, and you will receive your score along with feedback from each course/run. The cost of judging will be $15 per course/run making the title a total of $30 if you pass on your first submission.

To submit a course, you will email the the following information:

  1. Video of you and your dog completing 1 or the premade courses. Both you and your dog need to be visible during all times. If the judge cannot determine what is happening with either the handler or the dog at any point in the video, a non-qualifying score will be given. The judge needs to be able to tell if you have touched your dog, pulled on the leash, if the dog is out of position, ect., along with hearing what is going on. Only one dog is allowed per video.
  2. Your dog’s full registered name
  3. Your dog’s registration number
  4. The dog’s owner’s full name
  5. Your paypal transaction number for your submission (to
  6. Which course you and your dog are completing.

You will be notified when your email has been received, along with your score and feedback once your video has been judged. Certificates will be mailed out the Friday after you’re a title has been earned (owner has been notified dog has passed 2 courses).


Here is a link to print signs (you will only need the Novice signs #1-42) Signs to be used

You can also make your own signs, as your are the only one who needs to be able to read the signs!

Here is a link, that has a discription on how to perform each sign. Sign Discription

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4





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