Important Statement

Miniature Australian Shepherd Status vs. Miniature American

We do not recognize Miniature "American" Shepherds.  Only Miniature "Australian" Shepherds.


    With all the hubbub about dogs being taken AKC “Miniature American” by breeders without the permission of the current owner, we feel the need to make a statement.


    Our intention is not to revoke papers in these cases.  However this is not a new situation, it has popped up in the past; and we have worked with those owners so they can keep their Mini Aussies rather than be forced into AKC.


    If the date the dogs were litter registered and/or registered with AKC FSS is well after the date you took ownership of the dogs and registered them with ASDR/MASCA/NSDR, you may keep your status with us.  But you must sign an agreement that you have no intention of using the AKC paperwork.


    The same goes for old NAMASCUSA papers sent to them in good faith, only to have them returned as AKC FSS Mini Ameries.  If you do not use those AKC papers you will not have your papers revoked.  If you have NAMASCUSA papers in your possession for your dog, do not send them in to be transferred; do not give them to a new owner in a sale.  Not everyone is on the internet and FB, so they won’t know the problems and think they are doing the responsible thing by transferring the dog in all registries.


    This is so much different than someone taking their entire kennel AKC and wanting to come back or wanting to sit on the fence.  We do not believe these breeders have the right to make the decision for someone else’s dogs.


    One last thing, and this also concerns owning your decision—Please be honest about your registry choice when selling puppies.  If someone is adamant that they only want Mini Aussie, please tell them that your dogs are Miniature American.  Don’t surprise them with AKC FSS paperwork and leave them no choice.   

We will do our best to monitor this and those dogs that are being registered as both. We reserve the right to freeze online accounts if we become aware of a breeder doing so.  We, along with AKC, agree that a dog should not be registered as both.  So, please choose one and proceed with your registered dog as such.

Hoping this is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please email and ask us directly…

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