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Announcement from American Stock Dog Registry, LLC

We decided a long time ago that we would never change the names of our dogs, no matter what happened. They are three size varities of Australian Shepherds plain and simple. They are not a new breed, but a size variety that is ever developing and growing.

We will not register the new breed or change the name. We also will not accept dogs coming to us with papers as the new breed/name, to be dual registered as mini or toy aussies, they must be submitted on mini/toy papers.

If you are registered as a Mini/Toy Aussie, you will still be accepted in the rare breed show venues. IABCA, Rarities/NAKC, and ARBA have been a vital part of our dogs for a long time. They have given us a place to gain championships on our dogs and have allowed the clubs to gather points toward their own championships. I can’t imagine enjoying an AKC show as much as I enjoy the Rare Breed shows.

We have been having our own shows for several years now. Everyone that has participated has enjoyed them self and are begging for more. It can only grow from here. So add another show venue with more events to showcase your dogs!! We offer Herding, Agility, Rally O and CGC added to Conformation, so essentially we have something for everyone. We encourage newbies to “just give it a try” and so many become hooked on the performance events and want to continue. We also try to have one educational seminar per show.

I have saved the most important reason to keep the name of our dogs for last. We feel that this was the way it was to be from the beginning and should remain that way to honor Sandy Travis and Doris Cordova’s dream for the little aussies. Below is a widely cross posted letter from Sandy Travis that gives real insight into their plans for the dogs.

Hi, I'm Sandy Travis founder of the "Travis Dogs" and I would like to tell you
the history of these dogs. In 1962, I was almost 16 yrs. old and I bought a
Australian Shepherd puppy from a friend of mine at the Torrance Rodeo. I knew
this puppy's parents and was anxious to get her to someday breed to my Aussie
male. I soon realized this wasn't going to happen as she "Puppy" only grew to
be approx. 11". In 1968, I found a small Aussie male and I bred Puppy to him.
The whole litter stayed small, 9" to 13". Realizing their popularity, I talked
with a Vet and he advised me to "inbreed, line breed and cull", so I did and
overall I was very happy with the small size and conformation.
Although I never asked if "Puppy's" parents were registered, nor did I ask if
the male I bred her to was registered, at that time in my life it wasn't
important to me to have a registered dog, but I did care that they were in fact
Australian Shepherds.
The general public that would see these little dogs immediately called them
Miniature Aussies or Aussie puppies. It wasn't until years later that the Mini
Clubs were formed that the two sizes were introduced, the Toy and the Miniature.
Under those guide lines, almost all of my dogs were Toys. I knew Bob and Doris
Cordova through Quarter Horse Shows and they fell in love with my little dogs.
In 1978 they bought a puppy from me and named him Cordovas Spike and he received
his Australian Shepherd papers with NSDR and than later got the Miniature added
to his papers. (we all were very proud of the Miniature on the papers) Later
with the addition of the Toy/Mini sizes, the dogs papers would state one or the
other depending on the size of the dog. Although Spike qualified as a Toy, his
papers were never changed. Spike was beautiful with a lot of refinement to fit
his small size of approx. 13". So you see, the Toy was the first to be bred to
the Standard to get the Mini. I must tell everyone how thankful I am to Doris
and how important it was to her to have registered Australian Shepherds no
matter what size they were.
Hope I have enlightened you somewhat on the true history of the "Travis Dogs"
Sandy Travis

There you have it, directly from Sandy Travis, no secondhand information. These dogs were always supposed to be size varities, not a separate breed, so let’s work to keep them that way.



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We are coming up on 9 years of business soon and want to also take this opportunity to thank all our supporters these past years. We are busier than ever and our numbers are growing faster than we imagined. We will be here for the long haul and feel we do really have something to offer as many people have found.



Sondra Conklin & Lois Stevens


We have been chosen as the registry of choice for the Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America.  Please check out their website at: