Here are the current top 10 dogs in our Conformation standings as of the 7/13/21

1 Bamboo Run's Calamity Jane
2 MarLoWins Cold Weather Glamour Girl
3 3M Pistol Pete
4 Remington M1903A4 Sniper
5 Toasted Pumpkin Spice Latte
6 Timberline Jesse James @ Ross Ranch
7 Hideaway’s The Revolution Starts Now 
7 BBR's A Legacy To Envy
7 Rustic's It's A Ginger Thing @ 7X
10 Cross L’s Send Rip To No Limits @Rafter O
10 Best Little There Are Angels Among Us "Angel"
10 Katie Elder of Enloe Ranch
10 Irons Lil Bit Of Gunner
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