Attention:  American Stock Dog Registry does not change names of dogs once they have produced a litter of puppies.

I think everyone can agree what a nightmare name changes can be to a pedigree search.  That is why we at ASDR make it a policy to never change a name once the dog produces a litter of puppies.  Please don't expect your name or kennel name to appear in the dog's name when we dual register the dog from another registry.  You may add your name at the end, but the original name stays the same.   You must request this addition, it is never automatic. This is our policy and has been our policy from the beginning. 

It is also not necessary for puppy papers to be sent in to the originating registry in order to dual register them  with us.  We do accept puppy papers, the only difference being we require 3 pictures along with the copy of the puppy application. 

It is also not necessary for a tranfer to be completed with the originating registry to dual register that dog with ASDR.  Just make sure to photo copy the transfer section of the papers, so we have the signature of the former owner on file. 

We do  require copies of originating paperwork to be included with the "dog registration form" used for dual registering a dog.  If these not available, we must have a verifiable breeder name and phone number.  Dogs submitted without this information will be hardshipped.

Kennel Names--if you are purchasing a dog from a breeder who has registered their kennel name with us, we will not remove that name unless we have a written statement from the breeder allowing us to do so. 



You will notice at the bottom of the "application for individual registry" form the option to allow or not allow breeding rights when selling a puppy.  Please discuss this with your new owner if you are not allowing breeding rights, don't surprise them with this when they receive their papers.   We receive calls quite often about this and feel this is between the breeder and new puppy owner. 

Printable Registration Forms:

Dog Registration Form
Litter Registration Form - (pdf form)

Kennel Name Registration Form

Prices for registering dogs with The American Stock Dog Registry





Dual registration of a dog using registration papers from another registry is $20.  PLEASE NOTE:  When sending in a puppy application to dual register a dog, we will need 3 pictures.  If the dog in question has a number, but no permanent papers,  pictures won't be necessary.  Please include copies of their former registration papers (individual applications will work), as well as any pedigree info you have.  We need the breeders name and address as well.

The price for litter registration application is $20 and will include printed puppy papers for each puppy. These papers are to be given to the new owners upon purchase.  PLEASE NOTE:  both parents must be registered with ASDR before a litter can be registered.

Fee for registering a dog from American Stock Dog registered parents is $20 and includes a 3-generation pedigree printed on the paper itself. One picture (digital is acceptable) of the dog must accompany the application for registration. Toy Australian shepherds will be classified as Miniature until they are 9 months old, and then can be re-classified as a Toy with a written veterinary description of size. There will be no extra cost for reclassification of the Toys.

We also will accept titles from other registries. Please include all documentation of your dog's accomplishments for inclusion on their permanent papers.   Our registry is accepted in the IABCA, ARBA, and ICKC(NAKC) show venues, as well as OFA, and Eye Cerf. clinics.  If your dogs are microchipped their number can appear on their permanent papers.   If you have health clearances on your dogs, please include that information so we may add it to your dog's permanent papers.

Register your kennel with us for $25. This will assure that no one may use your kennel name without your express permission when naming puppies. It also allows you to require your kennel name to be used on puppies you sell, but you must add this to the papers when you sell the puppy.   This is a lifetime registration.

Hardship registry for non papered but purebred dogs is available.  The price is $50 per dog.  Requirements are as follows:  three pictures (front and each side), eye color information,  and height measurement as well as a letter from a veterinary stating that the dog does appear to be a purebred aussie.   These dogs will receive a special number, it takes 3 full generations before offspring has full pedigree.   We reserve the right to reject a hardship application.  

To register a dog, just fax or mail a copy of their current registration to us.  You may e-mail pictures, but be certain to mark which dog the pictures are for.   For a litter application, you can print the one available in pdf form and include it with the adult's papers.  You may pay with credit card, paypal or personal check.  Canadian customers, please make sure you are paying with US Funds.