If you need to contact us, please email as we will be able to answer emails once a day.

We have made some additions/changes to our show system for 2016.  We now have several active organizations that will be putting on regular sponsored ASDR shows.  These shows, in addition to our stand alone shows, will give us more opportunities in the Top Dog program.  In the past we have honored the two high point dogs at each show with a Top and a Reserve Top Dog award.  We are adding “Top Ten” for each show to this program in 2016. We will be awarding year end Top Ten awards as well.   These programs will only gather their points from stand alone and sponsored ASDR shows.  Sponsored shows will be required to not only have a conformation show but they must also have at least TWO of the regular performance classes.  There will be a Top Five Junior program as well.  It will be modeled after the adult program. 

Top Ten dogs from each show will get an automatic invitation to our year-end show.

Top and Reserve Top Dogs will still be honored, with the 8 following dogs being placed in the Top Ten by points.   Junior Top Dog will be honored, with remaining 4 placed in Top Five.  Ties will be allowed in Top Ten as well as Top Dog.  In the instance of a Top Dog or Reserve Top Dog tie, there will be a coin toss for distribution of prizes. 

With the addition of the Kentucky Club and the New Mexico Club we will have the opportunity to have more shows in 2016.  Both clubs plan to have at least 2 sponsored shows. Also, we currently have two stand-alone shows scheduled, one in Texas and one in Utah.  If you are aiming for year-end award it will benefit you to try to make as many of these shows as possible. 

After each show you will be given your point count so you can keep track of your points for the year end.  You are only eligible for Top Ten if you participate in ALL events available at that show.  You must declare your dog at each show for Top Ten. There will be a processing fee to keep a spread sheet of points. 




   We at American Stock Dog registry are very happy to see more and more folks showing their dogs, whether at one of our stand alone  or sponsored shows or the other venues available to our great herding dogs.

    American Stock Dog Registry has a Championship program that dogs of all ages can participate in.  We hope that everyone will take advantage of this no matter where you live.

    We have been trying to expand locations of our shows, just give us time and I’m sure will be in your area soon. Until then, take advantage of one of the many other venues to start getting points for your dogs.  We accept points gained at IABCA, ICKC, ARBA, ICE,  and MASCA stand alone shows in the United States. Basically you can use your Win Sheets at any show you go to.   In Canada and Europe check with us first to be sure.  

    We do have an official show secretary, Kale Petrone, to facilitate quicker turn around for championship certificates.  If you have questions you can contact her at Send win sheets to the following address: Kale Petrone,  23801 Mt. Olive Rd,   Marshall, MO 65340.  Please send by regular mail, not fax or email.  Be sure to keep a copy for your records. 

.   Payment of the processing fee may be made by Paypal or check if you prefer.  Paypal payments should be sent to  Remember the fee is $10 per level.    If you are using paypal, please include the transaction number with your paperwork so we can link it up. 

Remember, you will receive a Championship Certificate in the mail, and the Ch will be added to your dog's registration papers, but you will not get a new copy of those unless you request it and pay an extra $10 fee for reprint. 

    Championships with American Stock Dog Registry start with Level 1 Ch, Level 2 Ch and Elite Ch.  You may continue with Elite Ch in Bronze Silver and Gold, with the final leg awarded after competing in at least 2 ASDR shows, either stand alone, or a sponsored show.     When starting with Junior puppies, you may only get one level per age grouping and your dog is not eligible for an Elite Ch until the age of 12 months.   At an ASDR stand alone show you will receive one level of championship as long as your dog receives 180 points out of a possible 200 pts.  When using other venues, your dog must receive 200 points to advance.   Points are accumulated as follows:



Class Wins                      Winners dog/  Bitch                   Best of  Winners                Best of Breed       Best  Opposite              Group            Best in Show

 20 = 1st                                              15                                                          20                                              25                               20                          25                    30        

15 = 2nd                                                                                                                                                                                                                 15

10 = 3rd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              





Please send win sheets to:  Kale Petrone

                                            23801 Mt. Olive Rd.

                                            Marshall, MO 65340












Point System

(Formerly Top Dog Program)

Top Ten dogs - shown by adult.

Top Five dogs - shown by junior (under 18 years).


* As per rules listed, dogs running for Top Ten Adult or Top Five Junior must compete in everything available. There will be no exceptions.

* Juniors will be scored against juniors only.

* Intent to try for Top Ten must be declared upon entry.

* Points will be calculated at stand alone and sponsored shows only. 

* Points will be accumulated toward year end awards.




1st place in class = 25 pts with competition

(without competition = 15pts)

2nd place in class = 15 pts

3rd place in class = 10 pts

Participation = 5 pts.


BOB = additional 5 pts

BIS   = additional 10 pts


Performance Classes (Agility and Rally)


1st place = 25 pts

2nd place = 15 pts

3rd place = 10 pts

Participation = 5 pts


Title completion = additional 10 pts.



In the future we plan to add trials to our shows, but in the meantime we will continue with the required Herding Instinct Tests. 


HIC points (25, 15, 10) for top three dogs, chosen by the judge, all others 5 pts participation. 


High scoring overall performance dog = additional 15 pts.


CGC = 25 pts for passing

These points will carry over and count toward final score only at shows where CGC is available. There is no need to take it again at each show. Outside CGC will also count at shows were CGC is available. You must bring copy of the certificate as proof for points to count.

Agility—beginner class may show on leash but cannot qualify for Title leg. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place beginner level dogs will earn points (25, 15 & 10) toward top dog. All remaining beginner dogs will receive 5 participation points.

Dogs working on titles must show off lead.  They will compete after beginner class, with the following  award placements:  1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will receive points (25,15, & 10 ) toward top dog plus 10 bonus points for each dog achieving a title leg. All remaining dogs will receive 5 participation points and those dogs will as well receive 10 bonus points for completing a title leg. There will be 2 runs per dog in each section.   Ribbon placing for each section will be determined from the best of the two runs. 

Rally Obedience—Beginner class does not count toward title. Novice class will have extra difficulty and can qualify for title. Both sections count toward top dog, . 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place beginner level dogs will earn points (25, 15, 10) toward top dog. All remaining beginner dogs will receive 5 participation points. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place.  Novice dogs will receive points (25, 15.10) toward top dog and there will be 10 bonus points for each dog achieving a title leg. All remaining dogs will receive 5 participation points as well as 10 bonus points for completing a title leg. Each dog is allowed 2 runs, with ribbon placing determined from the best of two runs.



General Showing Rules




    All dogs must be currently registered with American Stock Dog Registry.  Pending dogs will be allowed with permission from ASDR.  

    All participants must present a current health certificate if your state requires it (remember it is law in most states when traveling across state lines), rabies shot (if required by age) and a copy of their shot record (your own shot record is fine, if you give your own shots) and current rabies vaccination if over 12 weeks (again state law) when signing in for the show. Dogs will not be admitted to the show area without these.

    All dogs will be measured at check in if height requirements are part of breed standard. ASDR official will be measuring the dogs, and their word is final.  This is for dogs 9 months or older.  Dogs competing in performance will be measured at the age of 12 months and will be issued a permenant height card.  

    Females in season are allowed to participate, but care must be be taken to not distract other competitors. They will run last.  Exercise is allowed, but must be away from other dogs. This rule falls under sportsmanlike conduct and should be viewed by officials as such.

   No alcohol is to be consumed on show grounds during show.  This also falls under sportsmanlike conduct. 



    Exhibitors may hand stack their dogs.

    Bait may be used, but is never to be thrown in the ring. If dropped it must be picked up.

    Exhibitor observed throwing bait or not picking up dropped bait will be dismissed from the ring.

    Small comb or brush are the only grooming tools allowed in the ring.

    Squeakers and Clickers are not allowed in the show ring .

    Please clean up after your dog in the ring and surrounding areas.



    Be on time for your class. Exhibitors are expected to be ready for their class. Numbers will be called with one reminder, and then the class will be closed.

    Dogs will be evaluated both while gaited and stacked. In order to be properly evaluated, the dog must be compared to the standard while stacked to assess its conformation and gaited to determine the efficiency and athleticism of the dog’s movement.

    Working dogs are not to be penalized for scars or injuries.

    Dogs should be penalized for deviations from the breed standard.

    The following are NOT allowed and can be grounds for disqualification:

       - Altering of nose, eye or lip pigment color.

       - Gluing ears to alter their natural placement.

    The Judge shall have the right to disqualify any owner or handler for misconduct, or any dog for growling, snapping or fighting.


    Handlers are responsible for their conduct and personal appearance.


    During performance events, we encourage people to watch, but care must be taken to not distract the dogs performing.   No dogs around the ringside unless preparing to go in the ring.  Dogs must be crated away from the performance ring.  Cheering after performance is encouraged!!!


    Show committee or Judge has the right to request that a handler or spectator be removed from the show site for unsportsmanlike behavior. (Attempting to distract another competitors dog by throwing or dropping bait would be a prime example of this type of behavior.)


    Any person intimidating, threatening or injuring a show participant, Judge, club officer or ASDR representative will be barred for no less than one (1) year up to life from any ASDR licensed event.


    The Judge’s decision is final. The Judge's scorecard will give an outline of their impression of the dog. Any exhibitor may question the Judge concerning their decision after the completion of the class in which the exhibitor’s dog is entered. Such questions shall be presented in a sportsmanlike manner.